Prince George Is A Shorts Icon

On this Saturday, July 23, Prince George of Cambridge will be turning four.

This royal cutie patootie is a blonde bundle of English kiddie sophistication and a tiny reflection of, you know, an increasingly nebulous monarchy. George might be a lil pawn in an anti-Brexit affair but another aspect of his identity has appealed to me: he always wears shorts. Prince George is a shorts icon.

I was reminded of his kid style this week as the Prince and his family made a public appearance in Poland. George – looking cute in smart thigh high shorts and a tucked in shirt – suggested a sartorial grace that children rarely exude. (In my opinion, the only other child that comes to mind in this fashion is North West.) George is known for shorts and is technically cast to wear them as they are supposedly traditional formal dress for a prince, recalling the days of these young boys wearing dresses until age eight.

As it’s Summer and we always need a reminder of how to look good in the heat, let’s take a moment to honor Prince George for his royal shorted boy fashion in advance of his birthday. Keep it up, you cutie lil bb – and to four more years of your short style!

An early appearance in shorteralls, something that rarely looks good on a grown man but is tempting me to try. (Alas, shorteralls are the prequel to male rompers and I will not have that.)

A simply iconic reminder of how to wear cutesy boy socks with shorts. Look at that royal vest too!

Dainty dandy, indeed.

I always get uncomfortable wearing a long coat with shorts. Perhaps it threatens my already minimal masculinity or I’m too preoccupied with proportions but this look solves the problems thanks to a high sock. Suggestion: wear a long coat with shorts but pair them with tall boots.

This is some adorable catalogue bullshit. Also, I actually would like those shorts – and LOL @ the swing.

This one literally is killing me.

Here he is! A future king! A royal dish of shorts! His balding father! His beautiful mother! His confused little sister!

I had to include this because this boy seems like such a fucking sass. What if…he grows up to be gay? How fucking fabulous would that be?

Another great photo and, while the little girl with the purse does steal focus, it is all about George. Sorry, Queenie. It’s also important to note how he plays very well with lush colors, a cranberries and navies. It allows you to then juxtapose these “neutrals” with off-center alternatives like poppy and cerulean.

Prince George is also a master of wearing long sleeves with shorts. We can take many notes from this. Moreover, a side buttoned sweater? I die.

These seem like a very traditional British prince outfit, no? Still, an exercise in shorts that are rarely to be worn: the long shorts. Actually? These might be the little prince’s rare misstep.

Accessorizing with noise cancelling ear muffs? Daring. Do note them peep foot shoes though.

“Oh, me? I’m just like any other boy. I wear shorts and sweaters. I do it all. I’m worth it.”

Honestly? I want this outfit. It reminds me of my old Catholic school and boy scout uniforms which, really, I’ve been trying to capture in adulthood for years.

Ditto with this one – especially as an exercise in wearing a tucked in shirt with shorts, particularly one that is long sleeved. Please, everyone, take note of this little dude.
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