Published Stories Written & Produced By 1234KYLE5678

If you’re on this page, you’re looking for some of my published work as a writer and producer. Welcome! Below are a selection of my contributions, in both writing and video. A handful of my work was nominated for a Shorty Award.

• Popsugar: What Can the “B*tch Map” Reveal About Hate Speech and Misogyny in America?
• Four & Sons: Puppy Paintings
• Popsugar: Ava DuVernay Says It’s Time to Recognize That Mass Incarceration Impacts Women, Too
• Popsugar: Insurers Want to Stop Covering OxyContin — but Will It Help Stem the Opioid Epidemic?
• Popsugar: LGBTQ+ Summer Camps For Adults May Sound Silly, but They’re a Much-Needed Sanctuary
• Westwood Westwood: The Future Ladies of Wrestling Versus The World
• Popsugar: We’ve All Heard About Mansplaining — Now It’s Time to Talk About Wealthsplaining
• Valet: A Case For Taking The Dad Out Of Dad Brands
• Westwood Westwood: The Loving Somm Wants You To Wine Better
• Popsugar: Why LGBTQ+ People Are Turning to Facebook to Find Safe, Friendly Housing
• Valet: How To Deal With A Bad Haircut
• Popsugar: Recovering From Addiction Is Hard — This App Hopes to Help
• Popsugar: What Did PewDiePie Do Now?
• Westwood Westwood: A Night In Jesse Jo Stark’s Alternate Universe
• Westwood Westwood: When Meditation Feels Like A Drug
• Westwood Westwood: The Church Where You Can Text God
• Popsugar: Sex Ed at School Is Failing Kids — So They’re Taking Matters Into Their Own Hands
• Popsugar: How to Navigate Pronouns in an Increasingly Gender Fluid World
• Popsugar: Why Millennial Women Are Embracing Atheism
• ATTN:: The Surprising History Behind Men Being Shamed For Wearing Shorts
• Popsugar: The Babadook’s Creator Finally Breaks His Silence On The Monster’s Gay-Icon Status
• Valet: How To Choose The Perfect Fragrance
• Cool Hunting: Design Behind Steel Double Doors: Samsung’s Family Hub
• Valet: A Guide for Wearing Shorts Like an Adult
• Popsugar: Why I’m Proud About—And Comfortable With—My Confusing Gender Identity
• Popsugar: What It’s Like When Your Wife Is Pregnant—At the Same Time As You
• Popsugar: Is Babadook’s Sudden Gay-Icon Status Something to Celebrate? Or Kinda Problematic?
• ATTN:: The New Term Young People Are Identifying With to Rebel Against Marriage
• ATTN:: Men Are More Willing to Try a Same Sex Experience When Drunk, According to Science
• ATTN::There Is a War Going on Between Feminists That Won’t Go Away Anytime Soon
• ATTN:: What You Need To Know About Bisexuals, In Their Own Words
• Popsugar: Understanding How Weird This Year’s White House Correspondents’ Dinner Will Be
• Popsugar: These Hacks Will Forever Change the Way You Drink Wine
• CoolHunting :Formafantasma’s Imaginative Lighting
• CoolHunting: Konstantin Grcic’s “Noctambule” Lamp
• Popsugar: Does Donald Trump Have a Dog? No — and That’s Not Even the Craziest Part
• Popsugar: Everything You Thought You Knew About “Gaydar” Is Wrong
• ATTN::President Trump is Sending a Clear Message to Transgender Youth
• ATTN:: Why the Trump Presidency Has LGBT Americans Stressed Out
• Popsugar: How to Have Your Bachelorette Party at a Gay Bar — Without Being a Jerk
• ATTN:: The Way This Town Is Dealing With Stress Is Pretty NSFW
• ATTN:: Why Gay Bars Are So Important
• ATTN:: Five Things We Can Learn From Survivors of the Holocaust
• Fellow Resident: An Interview With Rhys Ernst
• Fellow Resident: An Interview With Chris Turnham & Ian Samuels
• ATTN:: The Taboo Tip Straight Men Can Take From Gay Men About Sex

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