Questions That I Hope To Ask Meghan Markle

If for whatever reason you haven’t heard, let me be the very last person to write it out for you to see: Prince Harry is going to marry actress Meghan Markle. This is exciting news set against such terrible times!

Why is this such a positive? Because Markle is an LA born American who is fulfilling the dream of every person in the world who once hoped to somehow land upon a royal person and become royalty themselves as they fall in love. It’s like winning the lottery but in a more sustainable, public capacity. It’s also exciting because Markle is mixed race (but isn’t the first mixd race British royal) and will be marrying arguably the sexiest royal in the world. She represents so much! And the two are quite adorable together.

Since we’re all learning so much about Markle, I wanted to pose a few questions to her. Meghan, if you are reading this, please feel free to email me back thoughts, answers, etc. to the below queries. Nothing is too serious or pressing and, no, I will not make them public (unless you care to). I’m just curious about a few things. Thanks!

• Will you live in the palace? Is that where the princes and princesses live or do you get your own palace?
• What were your thoughts on the royal family before meeting Harry? Did you fantasize about them or did you follow their alternative universe news cycle or did you simply not care?
• Are you going to critique America’s racial issues from afar or are you going to subtweet everything in real time or stay completely silent?
• Where did you do yoga in Los Angeles? Have I done yoga with you? Or do you exclusively take yoga classes from your mother?
• What does you think of people wanting “the Meghan Markle“? What do you think of my nose?
• Have you made Prince Harry watch Suits? Who watches Suits? Is the show over now?
• Is this all an elaborate marketing stunt from USA, the network not the country? Does USA understand that they now represent the country that a future British princess is from?
• What show(s) are you watching?
• Do you “enjoy” being the older one in the relationship? You’re 35 and my boyfriend’s 35. Harry is 32 and I am 31. We are basically in the same exact situation.
• What does Priyanka Chopra think of this? She’s the same age and Indian royalty (Not really.) and I bet she’s really, really mad that she’s not the future princess.
• What do you think of Kate Middleton? Are you already friends or do you dislike each other? Are you two competing to be the next Princess Di or do you “assume” that Kate has already filled that position?
• Are you all of a sudden going to be friends with JK Rowling and Posh Spice?
• Who was (Well, is.) your favorite Spice Girl?
• Can you ensure that Absolutely Fabulous goes on forever and that Jennifer Saunders and Joanna Lumley live forever?
• How did you charm the queen’s corgis? What will become of the dog that you had to leave in America? And the dog who is now living the royal life?
• What do you make of when Harry once dressed as a nazi for Halloween?
• What does the queen smell like? She’s 91 and I know age can add some scents to a person.
• How often will you travel between America and England? That in mind, are you aware that flying such extensive distances is terrible for the planet? I’m not trying to travel shame you but I want to make it known that this is a cause to stand for (and would be so delightfully LA of you).
• What will you do to enable Idris Elba to become the new James Bond? Can you also lobby to get Charlize Theron the gig too?
• Are you going to keep acting?
• What was in your Deal Or No Deal suitcase besides five dollars and has Howie Mandel called you to congratulate you?
• Are you going to be hanging out with Obamas a lot? What about the Clintons? Will you refuse to hang out with the Trumps?
• What LA trends will you miss most? Are you going to bring any trends to London?
• Are you going to keep blogging? Will you get Kate Middleton to start a lifestyle site? Will you both team up to create a “princess style” site?
• What will you wear?
• Who will cook for you?
• What will become of you when the monarchy dissolves? Do you think the monarchy will exist through your lifetime?
• What’s your idea of a great Friday night?
• Are you worried about Ivanka?

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