R.Hanauer’s Mixed Up Bow Ties

Bow ties are really cool. They’re dressy and boyish, fun yet fancy: they’re an excellent, easy way to elevate your look. I somehow fell down an Internet tie wormhole yesterday that led me to R.Hanauer, who somehow own the domain “.” Most of the ties are standard but they have a select few that are an incredible mishmashing pattern plays.

The tie styles don’t have a set name but they pop up in various corners of the website. They’re like a sewing up of tie fabric dredges combined into a collage effect. It’s more than a differentiated knot or gradiated madras: it’s multiple paisleys and different doilies, many stripes and some more stripes. What I love about them is they are a lampooning of the preppy, Southern form of a bow tie, taking them from a slightly serious to extra lighthearted.

While I haven’t encountered R.Hanauer ties in person, they certainly look like quality wears that rival the few Brooks Brothers and Ralph Lauren ties that I have in my own closet (and always forget to wear). I’ve caught similar styling from the aforementioned brands but—as owners of www.bowtie.com—R.Hanauer seems to have a monopoly on the tie game—especially fun, mixed up ties that people will stare at you a little longer for.

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