Ranking The Queens Of RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 3

Did you hear? The new cast of Drag Race All Stars 3Β is here. They look good! But who will win? Let’s digest.

A few thoughts before ranking the cast and, hopefully, things will be brief because I tend to ramble about anythingΒ Drag Race. First, the cast is only nine people, a literal uneven number that seems to open the door for some sort of casting twist(s). Second, given All Stars 2 and the “lip sync for your legacy” stuff, a mid-season twist, and similar producerly derailings, I have a feeling a stacked cast like this is going to mean some strange season frame where “no one is eliminated” yet everyone is or some bullshit like that. Third, there are no Season 1 or Season 4 or Season 5 contestants. Fourth, there are two top four queens (Kennedy, Chi Chi), a top five (Ben), two top six (Thorgy, Shangela), a top seven (Trixie) and eight (Morgan), two top nine (Aja, Milk), and one Miss Congeniality (Ben): it’s a mixed bag. Fifth, where is Adore Delano? Wasn’t she supposed to be on this season, per the reunion for All Stars 2? Perhaps that handles the first concern…? We shall see. Finally, this is seemingly the final gasp of the “best of the bunch” since I cannot imagine a season with Mystique Summers Madison, The Princess, and Serena ChaCha. Willam and even Stacy Layne would be fun but, really, we’d then be teetering on a season of a bunch of Pearls because that’s all we have left.

Regardless, this season has a great cast. There is no other way to look at this group.Β Anyway! Here’s my ranking.

9. Milk
The original aesthetics queen, Milk does the something good. But does she do the competition good? I don’t think so. I don’t think she’s evolved and, while this body builder outfit is great, I don’t see her actually performing outside of a runway. A non-elimination something will help her but, otherwise, she will fail at something like a talent competition. She isn’t a contender as much as she is window dressing who is, by design, not a performer. One thing Milk has that only one other contestant Β this season (Chi Chi)Β has: being so fucking hot out of drag.

8. Aja
Ah, this one. I initially had her to be first-out but, upon further reflection and reviewing all their entry videos, Ms. Aja is a hair above Queen Curdle (Milk). Ms. Aja is most on-the-bubble since she only really twinkled in the reunion episode of her season. Moreover, compared to people like Kennedy? No dice. But can she lip sync the shit out of a song? Yes. Milk don’t got that.

7. Kennedy Davenport
Now things get tough at this point because someone like Kennedy is so good but I just don’t see her surviving longer than the others. I wanted her to pull through in her season but, alas, they chose aesthetics and whiteness for the top three over extreme drag talent. Like Aja, she probably will go further but I have to prioritize somehow.

6. Ben De La Creme
Ben was one of those queens who did everything right and all signs point toward her only getting better. She will continue on but, sadly, she hasn’t evolved and is more perky fun akin to Cynthia Lee Fontaine: that’s her charge this season, to bump herself beyond Miss Congeniality. She has to show us that she isn’t more of what she was and instead a more nuanced, complicated, contending character. Also: can we talk about how she looks exactly like Michelle Visage? It’s really strange.

5. Morgan McMichaels
The most OG participant, Morgan is likely going to be some sort of Tatiana type but she likely won’t go as far as Tatiana. However, I have seen Morgan perform several times in the past two years and she has always impressed because her lip sync is indeed air tight. She has aged quite nicely as a performer and, really, she is going to be this season’s bitch which means she isn’t out first. Don’t believe me? Clearly you didn’t follow the Tyra Sanchez drama.

4. Shangela
The original comeback queen, Shangela is definitely going to be a contender. Will she win? Very doubtful since she has never really “read” as a drag superstar despite being very entertaining. This season will be more of her proving her worth (Again!) than her stealing the crown. She said as much in her interview: it’s not about her winning but about her showing off that she is indeed great, yet again. Also: she is revealing herself to be more and more like her drag mother, Alyssa Edwards.

3. Thorgy Thor
Personally? I want Thorgy to win. Thorgy is one of the few queens who I will Insta-stalk because she’s so infectious. She too has aged well but, you know, she’s more a solid Miss Congeniality than a winner. She will likely show off her fiddling (Literally.) and show off some kooky fashions but she, like Pandora Boxx and Tammie Brown, will be a character in search of an audience. This said, she does seem to have grown and is hiding competition under that toothy grin and big hair. Watch out for her.

2. Chi Chi DeVayne
Chi Chi is my top pick, the horse who I care most about in the race. But, sadly, there is a big shadow over her that I’d put the most money on and she’s the next pick. Otherwise, she has so much charisma and uniqueness and nerve and talent plus she has evolved and fancified her aesthetics thanks to her post-show success. This will be what could take her to the win: she does everything she did last time with the addition of stepping up her looks. That will make the difference for her since she is the performance queen.

1. Trixie Mattel
Like. Come on. This is Trixie’s game to lose, both because of talent and because she is the extreme fan favorite. She’s just so good and now has a naturalness and honed aesthetic that will see her through. Yet, unlike someone like Alaska, she was a comeback kid who didn’t quite light the game on fire. It will also be interesting to see if she can succeed without Katya. (Although, really, her winning would be a nice dovetail into her Viceland show.) If you have your doubts about this one, watch her entire interview. She has the most entertaining reel, top to bottom.

Thoughts? Who are you rooting for? What’s your ranking? Weigh in.

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