Régime des Fleurs Perfumes Are Appealing

LA people love France and, apparently, French people love LA. A great example of this is a new LA based fragrance line called Régime des Fleurs, a collection of scents that seem decadent enough to be Parisian but are actually West coast cool.

The perfumery concept makes three different types of scents—the easy Lyrics, the bigger Ballads, the precious Epics—that all come in neon muted atomizers reflective of the colorful environment they come from. That juxtaposition of these colors with the overly formalized forms of the bottles make for a delicious tension—and intrigue. I saw them at West Hollywood’s Kelly Wearstler store and was drawn in like a gay kid to a rainbow. They’re so beautiful and ridiculous (and their prices match, likely well over what they are actually worth).

The scents themselves are appealing: there’s nitesurf, “a neon marine floral,” and Floralia, “a neoclassical celebration of iris and tuberose,” and Dove Grey, “a satin steel orris.” When I tested them in person, they were a bit weaker than the claims on their website but they were intriguing. Their style most definitely make you want to try them out. They’re almost overly inviting. The ones I fell in love with most were freeworld and water/wood despite the more appealing looks of turquoise and nitesurf’s bottles.

Would I buy them? Probably. Would I buy them right now? I don’t think so. They’re more design objects at the moment. I’m super excited to see where this brand goes, though. With LA and Paris inching closer and closer, I can only expect Régime des Fleurs to get better and better.

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