Release The Beast: Barney Frank Talks The 2016 Election

The 2016 election is going to be remembered as a very strange period in American history. Not only because of the looney figures involved but because of staunch party figures very publicly warring with each other. We see it in debates and, while it’s assumed this is only happening with the Republicans, the Democrats are participating in this inter-party bickering.

For example: the recent, ridiculous battling online by popular Democrats. It’s splitting hairs, getting too fan hyped on your candidate that you actually start hating on people who are speaking the same language, to the same things that you like. It’s getting real, real crazy.

But you know who is immune to this? Barney Frank. He’s immune because he gives no fucks. He’s an old political queen whose retirement makes my heart ache because I need his vigorous candid commentary on the current state of political affairs. Tell us what you think, Barns! Actually, tell us what you think via an interview with Slate.

The story was published late Wednesday and has Barney holding nothing back about his homies in the Democratic party. He had a lot of great pull quotes to giggle at, getting your parts all sorts of wet with giddy political happiness. Example: here is what he thinks about The Big Short, a book/movie about Wall Street which his Dodd/Frank Act acted against.

What did you make of The Big Short, by the way?

I didn’t see the movie. I read the book. Why?

It’s good.

Well, I know the situation, I read the book. I am told at the end of the movie they say nothing changed, which is nonsense.

Like. Don’t come for your boy, boy. Or he’ll come for you and how much you hate politics because of the media.

Part of the problem is there is a tendency in the media to demonize politics to the extent that it’s become a self-fulfilling prophecy. Whether with Jon Stewart or House of Cards or The Big Short. It basically tells people, “Everybody stinks, they’re all no good,” and that’s one of the reasons people don’t participate.

On why Bernie’s “Wall Street sucks!!!” platform is not really based in reality.

I think he gets a pass from the media. Other than Glass-Steagall, what did he propose in 2009 and 2010 when he was a senator when we were dealing with this? The answer is nothing. Why haven’t you looked at his record?

Why isn’t Bern Barney? I would 100000% gun for a Barney ticket or, better yet, a Barney / Clinton double bill. Speaking of, here’s what he thinks of Hillary.

I think she should have admitted earlier she made a mistake on the emails. I am struck by the fact that with all these emails of hers getting out, there hasn’t been a single really embarrassing one. I’m pleasantly surprised by that.

Hear, hear, my Barney. His critique of Obama is a little more harsh but not that bad, all things consider. (Granted, I’m not very well versed on what he’s speaking about or even that understanding of the subject. Excuse my beauty.)

The one thing that disappoints me is on trade. I think he bought into the orthodoxy that says trade is good for everybody. What he should have said is, “here’s the deal I will support for trade, I want fast track, but only as part of a package which would raise the minimum wage and re-energize unions and restore the legal rights of unions, and do a massive construction program.” That was a fundamental error, and I don’t understand why he didn’t do that, and why he gives Republicans what they want without demanding things. Other than that I think he’s been very good.

Getting into the Republican party, he basically kisses the blarney stone from which their schism formed: Sarah Palin. He also reads Romney in the process too (and other people, in the spaces between his words).

It goes back as far as Sarah Palin. Having made Sarah Palin the vice presidential nominee, they shouldn’t be surprised when this kind of belligerent, angry, unintelligent, resentment politics comes forward. I think Mitt Romney woke up to the disaster that Trump is for the Republican Party.

On how gay—and LGBTQ—persons are getting handled right now, which is very valid.

The fact that in Indiana and Georgia they can be vetoed is a very good sign. The other thing is now that Scalia is dead I am confident that the Supreme Court will not allow them.

And, of course, a nice Scalia nugget.

I was troubled that his homophobia never got mentioned when he died.

Isn’t Barney just fantastic? He is exactly who I want in politics now. As a friend pointed out in an email, yes, we do have that now with Lizzy Warren. Poor Bern dreams at night that he was Barney and Hillary doesn’t wish she was him: she’s a parallel Barney, if Barney hardened and spent too much time clenching his jaw fighting to be heard.

We need more of you, Barney. Go on TV more, do interviews more, Tweet more. You are delicious and I wish you would adopt me as my gay political grandfather.

You should read the full interview here.

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