RuPaul’s Brick Race

Obviously this is a big week for all things Drag Race related. So, in an attempt to keep the drag rain pouring, here’s some kitschy fun for you: drag Legos.

Thanks to the brand’s ideas incubator, toy fans can submit things that they feel is worthy of getting the Lego treatment. One enterprising genius thought that Drag Race was a perfect fit for getting Lego-fied and thusly created the aptly titled RuPaul’s Brick Race set. Via a crowd sourced support program, this idea can become a reality if enough people back it.

The set has already earned a third of supporters needed to get the project into the approval phase and into stores, which is a very funny and fabulous possibility to think about. The creator—”SeeMarkGeek” in Lego land—sees this as an opportunity to play with toy queens via a Workroom and “Clutch Game” stage play set. You might be wondering “What’s ‘Clutch Game’?” Well, it’s a more family friendly version of the Snatch Game. Duh.

The sets hope to bring along a few fan favorites too—Milk, Jinkx, Katya, Alyssa, Bianca—in addition to Ru thus highlighting SeeMark’s favorites. The only note on this is that the assembled cast is a bit too white and would perhaps be more fun if it started with all winning queens. Regardless, everything about this is great.

If you wanted to crank the adorable factor even higher, here’s what SeeMark had to say about the intentions behind the set:

I stuck at creating RuPaul’s Brick Race because it was fun! At its core, the subject material this set is based on is whimsical, colourful and full of life and I think these are qualities that marry well with the medium of LEGO.

Very true. And what better way to play with queens than customizing them as Legos? This is fabulous—and would be a great pop culture gift for any child.

Time will tell if this becomes a reality and, if anything, it’s a fantastic entry into Drag Race fan imaginings happening in surprising places. (Related: Drag Race Sims.) To keep up on updates on if Brick Race will be made, catch them on Twitter and Instagram. Here’s hoping this becomes a reality!

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