RuPaul’s Sims Race

The cultural significance of The Sims goes beyond a game imitating life: it has become a tool to project fantasies and alternate, desired realities.

This is why Sims memes are so intense, reflective of a fandom that use the game to recreate literally anything they want. From iconic celebrity fights to accidents infused with schadenfreude, The Sims is a metaphor for life in the best and worst ways. It’s always funny, too.

One bizarre entry into Sim culture: #SimsDragRace, a Tumblr dedicated to recreating the show’s most popular queens in the game. The Tumblr recently popped up as a recommended site and it is as hilarious as it is remarkably accurate. It shows that the game and this Sims artist are much more than “some game.”


First: the good. The Tumblr is able to show recreations of the show’s best characters through avatars—and they’re striking in how real looking they are. There’s an amazing Tatianna and a Coco, a Bebe and an Adore that look like they’re ready to be selected in a Street Fighter game involving Drag Race alum. It suggests untapped potential for drag queen gaming, something much better than Dragulator or Dragopolis, items that are more about being cutesy than actually a good game.

Now: the bad. Some of these Sims renderings are hysterical in how off they are, representing the flaw of the medium. This isn’t to negate the effort going into them but some executions are simultaneously close and so far that they inspire great giggles. For example: Ginger Minj’s avatar looks like a deviant office worker on a sexy night out, neither as rotund or as definitively “Glamour Toad” as Minj is. Other greats include a Death Becomes Her Cher that is supposed to be Chad Michaels, a Jinx Monsoon that looks like a ginger Tammy Blanchard in The Invitation, and a buggy Bianca Del Rio that is the epitome of a Sims woman. When these go awry, they go all the way. Such is the joy of Sims fandoms.

Having started earlier this year, the Tumblr is fairly new but has a robust selection of homages to queens. It’ll be fun to watch what else is created given the newest version of the game not to mention who will be the queen to get the unfortunate avatar that looks nothing like her. In any event, we’ll be watching. You can check out the Sims/Drag Race crossover Tumblr here.



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