Say Hello To Me In 40 Years: Heels From A Telephone Repairman

What is your dream? Will you achieve it? Don’t doubt yourself: you will reach that dream. In due time, friend. If I’ve learned anything from the ultimate “YOU CAN DO IT!!” story, Malcolm Gladwell’s “Late Bloomers” (and this Aaliyah song), it’s that there is always hope for yourself at any age. You don’t have to be young to make something fresh and new!

Personally, I’ve yet to accomplish any of my career dreams yet I do know that my dream job after my dream job after my dream job is in fashion design. That was my dream as a child and, still, it’s something I’d like to get involved with, on my own terms. Do I have a chance of making it? No idea—but I do have hope and inspiration, thanks to an AARP video (Huh??) documenting the life of a tie-dye loving dude named Chris Donovan who was a telephone repairman for twenty five years before quitting and pursuing women’s footwear design in his golden years. Yes, this is a true story.

Donovan is a very jolly dude and the video is a late in the year reminder that you need to follow your dream(s) before you die. Donovan began his pursuit of footwear in his fifties and seems to be doing quite well (or at least he’s having a lot of fun). As you’ll see, he’s been transformed by pursuing this dream of his: his whole being is dedicated to this passion of his—and everything he does is to service the dream of making shoes.

Donovan is also adorable and fun and refreshing and he is exactly what I hope to be in forty years. Wouldn’t we all want to be wearing tie-dye collared shirts and making high heels? I can’t imagine a better retirement plan, really.

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