Seven Friday Songs Because I Don’t Know What Else To Post About And I’ve Been Getting Crazy Hits From People Looking Up Vice News Tonight So This Is Just A Filler Post

What a week! I feel like I’ve been saying that since last Friday, when photos of the dang Charlottesville rally started to appear online.

Alas, it has still been a week and I’m absofuckinglutely ready to close the book on it and slide down the freedom slide to the weekend, to hopefully reset everything. To help us do that – and because the Vice News Tonight Charlottesville coverage went viral and I’m getting crazy hits from this post, meaning I don’t really need to post anything of substance – here are seven songs to help you get out of this week’s funk and back into the fun.

Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith‘s “To Follow & Lead”
The Los Angeles ambient experimentalist has a new album coming out soon and she has shifted from the resonating hugeness that she is known for and is getting into semi-tropical, backhandedly tribal dance gigs. Her latest – “To Follow & Lead” – feels like the perfect end-of-Summer barbecue jam to play on a neon pink planet. It’s so cheery!

D∆WN‘s “Lillies (Florentino Remix)”
Everyone’s favorite former girl bander D∆WN has an upcoming remix EP to rekindle your love of her late 2016 Redemption. The song “Lillies” was given a remix by “DJ Florentino” (Whoever that is.) and has been transformed into an intellectual reggaeton dance explosion. It feels like I snorted Mountain Dew in the back of a salsa club.

Hippie Priest’s “Thorn”
Will Justice’s strange, faux-organic Hippie Priest outfit has been known to put out entrancing, strange, sideways dance music. His new album See It Through is no exception and, although it does drag at points, songs like “Thorn” are prickly standouts that suggest romps in the dark, glitter in the muck. It seems like a fitting “growing pains” song to represent our collective movement out of the shit this past week.

Boy Harsher‘s “Motion”
I know nothing about Boy Harsher except that my friend Justin sent me their stuff, mentioning he had heard this song out and that they sounded good. I agree! It’s like neo-industrial, wannabe new wave goth something: I can get behind this. It also reminds me of a niche eighties song that was added into dance mixes in the mid-aughts and it has been making me insane that I cannot remember the name of it.

Claude Speeed‘s “Ambien Rave”
This song is a few years old but Speeed’s recent Infinity Ultra introduced me to this song and I have been obsessed with it. Imagine going out to a rave but you are an appliance: I imagine it would be something like this. It’s a strange, groove focused song that has an itchy menace to it that I can’t quite shake. I’ve never had an Ambien™ before but I can only assume this is the dance that goes on in the head as you slide from one reality to the next.

Carmen Villain‘s “Borders (featuring Jenny Hval)”
I have no idea who Carmen Villain is but I love Jenny Hval and was intrigued that she was yet again an featured artist on someone else’s work. It’s a nice look for Jenny! Anyway, this is an echoey, Andy Stott adjacent little thumper that may seem like a sound exploration but is actually about racism in America. Damn.

Octo Octa‘s “New Paths”
Another “older” song, I recently added some new Octo Octa EPs on Apple Music and finally sat down to try her “New Paths” EP and…it’s so good, particularly the title track which is such a nice, airy house track. It’s the sort of uplifting, open-ended dance jam that we need to get into that freakin’ weekend feeling. Thanks, OO bb!

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