Shorts Made From Tents

I own three pairs of green shorts. One are bright green Boy Scouts of America regulation dress shorts, another is a pale green day shorts, and the other are hunter green dress shorts. Two of the three are J.Crew. So what would happen if I had a pair of green shorts that were a mashup of both vintage green with J.Crew green? You’d get these shorts.

The ‘Crew’s head of menswear Frank Muytjens announced shorts that are just this on his Instagram yesterday. The post explained that the company was recycling old army tents for Summer tiny trousers. Each are individually stamped and appear to feature some of the original army artwork on them. Also, judging from the photo, there only seem to be 99 of them. And they probably won’t be cheap.

Who knows when and where these will go on saleā€”but you know I’m going to be on the hunt for them. A fourth pair of green shorts on this level of both concept and execution (unless they are annoyingly long) will be quite brilliant. Frank, feel free to send me a pair too. You know I will wear them year round and explain to everyone that, yes, they are made from old tents.

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