Should You Get Computer Glasses? Eh. Maybe.

Do you know about computer glasses?

Apparently computer glasses are something you should be wearing to protect your eyes from the evil blue light screens prioritize. Why? Because they fuck up circadian rhythms, mimicking the sun therefore making it harder to sleep. I have a friend who long worked at Cutler & Gross and I’ve heard her explain repeatedly why computer glasses are important. Then, while reading about writer Cheryl Strayed’s favorite things, her thoughts on computer glasses tipped the scales for me.

“These are for people who are looking at screens in the modern age,” Strayed said, noting that she got them for her screen-loving kids and herself. “[Blue light]’s really not good for you any time of the day, so why not protect yourself.” She then suggests Blueberry glasses, cool fiftysomething dollar glasses that protect you from screens. They’re cool! I got a pair in plum and have been a few weeks on this anti-blue light bullshit.

And? My eyes hurt. They didn’t hurt before but they hurt now. I feel drier and my eyes feel a bit more tired and generally stung than usual. This must be my eyes adjusting to “normal” but, really, should we be concerned about blue lights or is this all hype?

There is a division of thought in the eye community. Internationally renowned lens maker Zeiss is very pro-computer glasses for obvious reasons. They advise getting these glasses if you’re getting headaches or having a difficulty with eyestrain. As Lifehacker notes, if your eyes aren’t hurting from computers then you probably don’t need them. But for the eyestrained? Get it. The best advice for those seeking to “switch” is to practice 20-20-20: after every twenty minutes of computer yese, look at something roughly twenty feet away for twenty seconds.

Also, blue light from screens doesn’t seem to technically hurt us. The American Academy of Ophthalmology does not recommend we wear them. Computer light apparently been connected to any eye disease and their recommendation is to look at your screen better and, as noted, to do 20-20-20 and blink more. No brainer, really.

So what do I do about my glasses? Unsure. I think they’re super cute and will probably continue wearing them. However, I’m aware that these things may do more harm than good. My takeaway: don’t dive in unless your eyes have been hurting or you have been having trouble sleeping. Take eye breaks too, which is something we all frequently forget.

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