Should You Stay With Your Dog When They Go To Sleep?

A few weeks ago, this post on Tumblr popped up and really made me sad. Now it’s stuck to my brain and I have to share it with someone else.

According to the post, one of the most frustrating parts about being a vet is that people very often walk out of the room when it’s time to put their animal to sleep. Huh? This is something I’ve never considered – and have never heard of – and it has me gutted. Imagine, in your final moments, having the person you love the most in your line of sight only to have them…walk away? Brutal. Absolutely fucking brutal.

Sure, yes, okay: it might be selfish for you, the dying creature, to want the loved one to stay with you but you are dying. It’s okay to be selfish. I want to die with someone holding me, any part of me, nodding their head and telling me that everything will be okay even though I am looking into the greatest unknown we have ever known. Doesn’t that sound lovely? I mean, it isn’t. It’s awful. I am fucking tied in knots daily thinking about how we all die and I am just fucking devastated that some creatures on this world crossover to wherever all alone after being shown that they are with someone they love. Brutal.

My question: is this post indeed true? Or is this Internet folklore?

Well, turns out the social media post this is all based on got news sites asking this question and, yes, this is apparently true. The thing that pet owners should know is that it isn’t cowardly to “leave the room”: you do you – and you know what is best for you. The advice given is to make sure you talk to your vet about expectations to ensure that everything goes to plan, whether or not you are in the room.

Like all things, putting your pet to sleep is a process that takes planning and care. Should you stay in the room when your dog goes to sleep? That is up to you. I hope you can, I hope I will, and I hope they all have safe journeys into our unknown.

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