Six Alternative Girl Power Instagrams To Follow For International Women’s Day

Today is not only #DayWithoutAWoman but also International Women’s Day, a day to celebrate women’s accomplishments as well as barriers that still exist between genders.

To celebrate and stand in solidarity with my many, many, many sisters, I wanted to share six alternative girl power Instagrams to maybe give a follow today. They will inspire you, make you laugh, and give you some sort of feeling about non-maleness. Women power! Down with men!! Happy International Women’s Day!

The Art Hoe Collective is a young (i.e., teen) driven art platform to celebrate the work of non-white people, specifically women and queer persons. Started by gender fluid curator Mars with the support of big names like Amandala Stenberg, the group adopts a “for us, by us” mentality that seeks to subvert the gallery system, reclaiming the art by artists. The work is drawn from submissions and showcases and eclectic mix of new art.

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Zombie (aka, Jessica Zollman) is a Los Angeles based photographer whose work is a reflection of her life in Los Angeles. While that could just be little shots of coffee cups, Zombie instead focuses on many of her female friends and the influence of women on the world, whether intentional or not, in her feed curation. Her photos are gorgeous and bright and occasionally feature politically forward moments like the above photo from the Women’s March.

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This lesbian culture celebration feed is simultaneously an archive and log of women-who-love-women stories. They share personal ads for queer women, photos and ephemera from gay history, and a general feeling of work being done to define what it means to be a lesbian. The feed is curated by Kelly Rakowski and is a fabulous dosage of queer girl power.

Who doesn’t want a bunch of photos of things that look like pussies? This feed collects original and submitted photos that abstractly or literally look like a vagina. It is an amazing, hilarious assortment of lady part art that reclaims femaleness, to put what is private out into the open.

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Jane is a Dutch illustrator whose work is all about women and plants. She creates stylish, colorful creations that stand between modernity and Mother Nature, carving a niche of the woman who cares. Her work has been featured in a few publications and you can bet you’ll seeing her work more often.

Obviously the most important on the list, this feed is dedicated to a “dog-sized lizard” named MacGyver. While this doesn’t seem very girl power, the feed is ran by MacGyver’s owner— MacGyver Mommy—whose presence is felt in every photo as a sci-fi mother figure who cares for this strange creature. The feed is full of interspecies LOLs but also is a fascinating look at what it means to be an alternative parent.

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