Six New-ish Songs To Lift You Up

After days of what feels like war in America, we need a little lift to take us out of the terrible so that we can continue forward even stronger. Here are six kind of new songs from the past few months to get you a little pep in that pre-weekend step.

KING‘s “The Right One”
KING are a Los Angeles alt R&B act made of twin sisters Paris and Amber Strother and Anita Bias. Their debut album—We Are KING—is a sweet collection of love songs and sensual affirmations. The album kicks off with the song “The Right One” which is all about the strength of a relationship, how people (in love) can come together to become a superpower. The song is retro and cool, a sexy alt-1990s radio jam through 2010s productions.

Maggie Rogers‘ “Alaska”
By far the most random on this list, Maggie is a recent NYU graduate who has a fairly WTF origin story: her career was launched, inadvertently, a few months ago when Pharrell stopped by NYU’s Clive Davis Institute as a part of his Masterclass series. In a video of his meeting with students, he met with Maggie, she played him “Alaska,” and he called it “singular.” While I think Pharrell is kind of bullshit fluff, this song is quite great. There is something about how Maggie layers her gauzy voice ambling on about serenity with hidden strings and twinkly synths: it keeps pulling you back in. It’s easily the most fascinating pop song of the year. Who knows where she’ll go after this: keep an eye on her.

serpentwithfeet‘s “Flickering”
The debut single from NYC’s Josiah Wise, serpentwithfeet has crafted a hazy single with Haxan Cloak that pairs smooth vocals with fairly restrained, piano based production. The song—”Flickering”—details the dimming of boys in love, a desire to make it work, to combine each other, to be absorbed in love. Wise’s voice is a absolutely delicious, a lone, touching and trembling take on R&B that wonderfully mirrors the song’s.

Lafawndah‘s “All That She Wants”
Here’s a hidden gem left off her Warp debut EP: a parallel universe cover of Ace Of Base’s “All That She Wants” sung by Sade’s vocal dopplegänger. The take on the classic is a bit of The Bangles’ “Walk Like An Egyptian” redone at a Silver Lake nineties karaoke night. It’s bizarre and fun and somewhat inexplicable, which is Lafawndah’s aesthetic. Did you think you needed an ace cover of Ace Of Base today? No, but here it is.

Nite-Funk‘s “Let Me Be Me”
The genius pairing of LA based artists Dam-Funk and Nite Jewel, the lead single of their joint debut EP is a funky fun declaration of being yourself. You gotta be you. It’s the sort of song for feeling your oats, for getting ready to go out and peacock yourself around town. This song is a guaranteed boost in confidence for all those feeling a little down.

Molly Nilsson‘s “Think Pink”
Molly is the best. She puts out a new album every year, she’s deeply political, and her take on music is very much that of a DIY electrician. She is a treasure…and she’s back! Of course. The first single from her yet-to-be-titled wider released is called “Think Pink” and is a progressive alt-rock, tropical jam about how twisted the world is, about how men and “the powers that be” seek to control us with dated notions of what they think we should be doing. As Nilsson says, “the skies are clearly pink.” Times are changing. Things are going to get better.

Also, Nilsson’s new video ends with the below image which is me, yes.

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