Six Songs For Friday

In case you didn’t know, this year is a year of great music.

And I want you to know about recent great new things that I am listening to. Thus, six songs to celebrate with. Please enjoy, my music loving babies.

Yves Tumor‘s “Lifetime”
Tumor’s Warp debut surprise released this week and it is fucking fantastic. It leans more rock and pop than his normally abstract electronic and it’s so fantastic. “Lifetime” is a devastating reflection of loss that digs into and doesn’t let you out. Like lead single “Noid,” the lyrical songs reflect on being othered in America with words. The rest of the album? Exploring the thought through sound. Quite a brilliant listen.

Planningtorock‘s “Transome”
My musical obsession PTR is back and they are bringing the queer like woah. The lead single from their new album Powerhouse is an exploration of being on the gender spectrum and how sexy that is. If there is an anthem for being non-traditionally gendered and non-tradionally sexy, this is it. Put your ears close to this.

Jana Rush‘s “Lonely”
The Aftermaths compilation is yet another great example of 2018 bringing activism to music and this Rush release on the Chicago-to-Puerto Rico collection of music is so good. It’s jazzy and funky, dance oriented yet serious, marrying many of Rush’s best qualities in three and a half minutes. The song is quite a standout in the collection of songs.

Kornél Kovacs‘s “On Roofs”
Kompakt who??? Studio Barnhus’ first label collection is a fucking fun house of contemporary house and techno with a slant toward the chill. Kovacs is a label friend and is always delivering the beautiful and weird and dance friendly. His contribution to the label’s compilation illustrations exactly why Barnhus is the Kompakt of the 2010s.

Forma‘s “Crossings”
Admittedly, I do not know much about Forma but this release has been up my ass for weeks. The band gives you exciting “ambient” that is overwhelmingly gorgeous. I can’t get enough of this play between natural instruments and the electronic.

Steve Hauschildt featuring GABI’s “Syncope”
Lastly, Hauschildt’s decision to go away from ambient and into the danceable was the best choice of the year for music. The songs are complicated and fun and this collaboration with GABI shows the literal loopy beauty of this new work. Highly, highly recommend.

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