Six Thoughts About RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars: Season Two, Episode Six

This was a good week! Or was it? I’m very divided on the subject. Let’s digest what we watched.

And of course: spoilers ahead. Get last week’s recap here.

6. The Queens Go Balls Out.
This low-ball-golf Andrew Christensen™ challenge was one of the more bizarre—yet bizarrely good—mini-challenges to have happened on the show. It was weird yet fulfilling, stupid yet challenging. Also: there was plenty of groping. Of course Alaska won, too. She wins everything!

5. No Energy, No Phi Phi.
After the initial challenge, something was noticeable in the work room and on set: it was remarkably low energy. Everyone felt less stressed. There was a missing buzz. Everything was happy and great and good and, while many see that as a plus, there was a gap without Phi Phi. No, this isn’t a request for her to return but something to note as it relates to the before-and-after of her presence. She made good television despite being so hated and so in-the-way, making for a strange gap in space. This episode felt quieter—and I’m not sure if that is a good or bad thing.

4. Fish In The Tank.
Another bizarre challenge that was also bizarrely good, the Fish Tank drag inventions schitck yielded some great results: Katya’s “Krisis Kontrol” was an underwhelming concept that was executed perfectly, landing her in the top two, whose pussy spraying and “working within her whorehouse” led to success; Alaska gave you everything you wanted and some anus atop of it; and Alyssa did the most Alyssa thing possible and, yes, she is Debbie Reynolds. The bottoms were all fairly bad though, by video alone: Roxxxy’s was boring monotony; Detox did the most Detox thing possible, revealing how boring and sad she is; and Tati got in her own way to make something not-as-good as it could have been. While none of them rivaled Ru’s “marketing mother fucking genius over here,” Katya and Alaska’s win were right…because those would be the cheapest to produce and sell at Drag Con in April.

3. WTF Is A “Boil Wash”?
At one point during the critique, Graham Norton referred to someone needing a “boil wash.” Huh. In writing out the words, I understand that he meant a hot clothing bath but Graham’s Britishisms preceded him with that. It’s such a strange, slightly icky phrase that plucked me out of the show.

2. Digging Them Pants.
A pants runway was fantastic! Everyone did mostly well—especially Tatianna. Tati’s T-Boz homage was the type of drag that makes you realize why drag can be so good, when a queen can fashion herself to look like a celebrity while looking like herself. She didn’t just dress the part but she acted it too. It was so impressive and styled perfectly and was beyond what the challenge required. Did anyone else do that? Fuck no. Roxxxy’s Dolly fro was a predictable Angora rabbit disco mess, Alyssa’s Joan Collins was more like Ross Dress For Less™, and Detox’s costume was an underwhelming homage to lady parts (“It’s a clam digger.”; What the fuck did you call me?”). Katya and Alaska created alt-reality dreams, Katya as 1986 power dyke and Alaska as roller clown monster. Both were great. But did they touch Tati? No. The shame—and shade—of it all.

1. That Time History Repeated Itself.
The middle of the episode brought a reminiscing of Rolaskatox which raised an immediate red flag that some shit was about to go down. Was Roxxxy going to get cut out of the mix, killed by her own sister? Or was that going to be her salvation? Unfortunately, the latter seemed to happen putting Alaska’s judgement and reputation on the line. Was she saving her sister or did she actually think Roxxxy deserved to be there? Yes, Alaska was the clear winner with her captivating Rob Zombie horror movie chattery lip-synch—but sending Tati home was misguided especially since history repeated itself with the top-and-bottom. Yes, Tati has been home before—but Roxxxy has been skimming by on the bottom four times over. This week was a scenario in which this format falters, where the bottom two weren’t given the chance to prove their worth—which Tati would have via lip synch. Roxxxy at this point is a fluffy bathmat so stepped on that she can only peep “You know I want to be here, girl.” without actually doing any innovative work to stand behind said claim. The entire situation surrounding the ghost of Rolaskatox in relationship to Roxxxy is like a sad college reunion, where everyone graduated with high hopes that were achieved by most save for Roxxxy who floundered on with more of the same. Not that the same is bad but she could be so much more. Meanwhile, Tati graduated and improved so much just to be overlooked by petty gaming semantics. Alliances never die in reality television—and this might be Aalaska’s Achille’s Heel, too.

Good or bad, we came out of this episode as if the last two episodes had never happened. That’s kind of disappointing, no? Why bring everyone back if you’re going to resume where we were three episodes ago? Anyway, here’s the updated power ranking,

10. Adore Delano
9. Coco Montrese
8. Ginger Minj
7. Phi Phi O’Hara
6. Tatianna (Down three—and out. Shame, shame, shame. On the bright side, all I’ve seen online is people hoping to avenge Tati and hating on Alaska.)
5. Roxxxy Andrews
(Technically up one. Go home, bathmat.)
4. Detox (Down one. Moving her down because I realized this week how boring she is. Being bitter and “crass” isn’t a talent nor is she good at it. She’s a faux-looks queen who gives cackling quips about assholes. I don’t buy into it. She is a tube of melted neon lipstick.)
3. Alyssa Edwards (Up one. While so budget, she is endearing. I fall into her traps and think she is in over her head—but she has something magical that neither Roxxxy nor Detox has. Can she stand above alliances? We’ll see.)
2. Katya (Maintained. She did well this week! She stood by her guns and they fired without any issues. I’m dying to know if she picked Roxxxy to go, though. I’m torn on what her decision would have been. Stay tuned.)
1. Alaska Thunderfuck (Maintained. She deserves to be on top but I have issues with her decisions this week. Moreover, I’m curious if she is going to keep on top while dragging Ro-Tox with her. That would be misguided.)

What do you think? Was it Tati’s time? Was there a gap without Phi Phi? You tell me.

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