Six Thoughts About RuPaul’s Drag Race: Season Ten, Episode Ten

Ah, yes: another good episode. Thank you for this, Ru!

The secret ingredient – Truly. – is Ru herself being a character in the arc of the episode. She truly is the missing element in the show and we saw proof of this again this week by her actively, almost aggressively, participating in the episode.

Was this better than the episode when Vixen went home? No. Not at all. But it came close!

Spoilers, obviously. Proceed with caution.

6. “Salty Ass Ho”
The opening of the episode was a complete “Don’t look behind the curtain!” sort of moment where we were being trained to watch Aquaria, to see her bomb, but it was clearly misguided energy. What also keeps happening, which I kind of love, is that Aquaria keeps doing bitchy things only to swallow her own bitter pill and apologize. How great is that? She is a bit of a cunt, yes, but also: she’s on a reality show, worked to death, and is 21. She’s quite mature for her age! Also so much power to Asia for calling her out. You can’t say shit like “Some of us don’t deserve to be here.” with only six players in the game on a reality show (or anywhere else, really). This, though, was the assist for Cracker’s win, by putting her and Kameron in the coasting positions. That was clear.

5. Trade In Value
What is up with the mini challenges this season? They are fantastic. The show clearly got new challenge producers and I am hashtag living for it. They’re turning shit out! This “Trade” challenge was the latest iteration of this, where the queens had to don dude drag and butch it up. The results were spectacular (Everyone was a winner.) (Save for Kameron.) but it was disappointing to see Eureka win because, while good, Monet was truly the stunner. This too seems like the sad legacy of Monet: she was always the bridesmaid in some ways, just a touch off with her look or her hair or her performance. Wah wah.

4. YouPube
YouTubers! For makeovers! This could have been so bad but everyone was absolutely professional and fabulous. I’ve worked with both Tyler and Anthony before and I can tell you they are just sweet peaches. But Frankie? Dear god. No. That walking thirst trap could have thrown this entire episode into a tailspin but, thankfully, no one was a mess of attention. The pairings all seemed to make sense despite Eureka trying to pull some shit. Everyone seemed to gel, particularly pairings like Tyler and Monet and Chester and Cracker. Some were flatter than expected – Raymond and Kingsley, in particular – but everyone was pretty great and I loved how much Ru talked about Tyler and Chester’s fat asses. However…

3. “Straight”
The entire Kameron “He’s straight!” thing really got to me. I get it. That is a universal feeling for gays (That being in the company of straight men is often uncomfortable because, yes, they are our oppressors and opposites.) but it was just so surface level, without any sort of investigation or understanding. It was like a child saying they hate broccoli just because it tastes funny. This isn’t necessarily Kameron’s fault or the producer’s fault but, if this were a story or essay or something, my note as an editor would be to investigate and share the why, to bloom out this problem to be more than the obvious “They were mean to me.” Is there a specific moment? How did they make you feel? How is Anthony’s behavior – outside of just being straight – pricking you in a way that is reviving your pain? It felt more childish than anything else and I could have done without this moment. Then again: I am so sick of Kameron and her non-body which, in the Trade challenge, wasn’t that great. Cracker was more trade! And Aquaria. He’s more like Lameron at this point.

2. Was There Ever Going To Be Anyone Else But Miz Cookie?
Besides Kameron – who looked like Your Friend From High School going out in Daytona – everyone was great. I loved Asia recreating a jacket for her daughter, I loved Monet’s fun time gals, I loved how identical Eureka made Eurfreka, I loved Aquaria’s costuming and makeup (but “Capriciacorn”??), and – of course – I loved Miz Cookie. I never would have guessed that Cookie would become the new Wintergreen but here we are: it happened. Some people just hashtag thrive in drag. This was proof of the healing power of the art form (or something). Cracker definitely deserved her win although there is a good case to be made that Asia or even Eureka deserved the title. Then again, it was Cracker’s moment to shine and the producers threw her a bone, spotting that storyline early thanks to Aquaria’s tantrum of sorts.

1. Short Changed
Can you believe Monet got sent home? I mean, I can but I was also shocked. I didn’t see it coming! I thought bottom was going to be Kameron and Aquaria! The judges did seem a little unnecessarily harsh on her though because, while not perfect, the two were well paired and vibing and looked good. At least Monet tried something! Kameron’s was just so lame. All I see in her now is Chyna and she gave such a subpar Chyna treatment to poor, hot Anthony. Kameron’s lipsynching was tight, sure, and you could see the curse of the third strike lipsynch come for Monet as she seemed to deflate as the song went on. Such a bummer as I was hoping she would be the queen to break the pattern. We’ll miss you, Miss Monet!

I still cannot believe that fucking Kameron is still on this god damned show, to live another week, to do this good-versus-evil challenge. I hope the tease of who everyone calls out as shitty will be her. I want a satisfying burn for her in the end! But, really, it’s gonna be Aquaria. Everyone is going to go for the “mean” one instead of the boring one. Such is life, where hot people get a pass for being boring or untalented. I guess.

I don’t even know what my ranking is anymore.

14. Vanessa Vanjie Mateo
13. Kalorie Karbdashian Williams
12. Yuhua Hamasaki
11. Dusty Ray Bottoms
10. Mayhem Miller
9. Blair St. Clair
8. Monique Heart
7. The Vixen
6. Monet X Change (Down four – and out. Pour one out! We’ll miss you, ma’am.)
5. Kameron Micheals (Maintained, as a formality. Make my pain end.)
4. Aquaria (Up one. I can see Aquaria taking top three but also: someone will need to fuck up pretty badly for her to make it in. If Cracker cracks, Aquaria is in.)
3. Eureka O’Hara (Down one. She’s a sure bet for top three but she’s, frankly, not exciting.)
2. Miz Cracker (Up three. She’s back! Don’t fuck it up, Crack.) (She will.)
1. Asia O’Hara (Maintained. Don’t take that eye off the prize, Miss Asia!)

Thoughts? This season is never ending, which is a blessing and a curse. At least we get a week off!

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