So What’s Everyone Wearing To Next Year’s Met Gala?

Are you anxious for the next Met Gala? Here’s some news that should keep you occupied until next May: the theme has been announced! It’s technology. Welcome to the future, dudes!

The event is being chaired by Idris Elba, Jonathan Ive, Taylor Swift, and Anna Wintour. You can expect a lot of Apple (who are the sponsor of the accompanying show) and twee buzz building around it. But what is everyone going to wear to the gala? Who is going to have the best outfit that is backhandedly a product tie-in? We have a lot of time to get ready for the event so let’s start brainstorming some ideas. Here are some ideas and inspiration for next year’s tech ball.

• A dress held up by a fleet of drones.
• A gown of 3D printed babies.
• A bunch of GoPros that are constantly broadcasting what you are doing.
• Someone is going to show up on a damn Smartboard or Hoverglyde or whatever you call those fucking scooters. Someone will. I promise you. Someone is going to literally roll up in one or try to use a damn Lexus hoverwhatever and think they are fucking god damned Marty McFly. They will. Mark my words. This will happen. They won’t even be able to mount the stairs to the museum and will have to get off, like a jackass, and go up the stairs. There will be YouTube and Vine stars there, too. This is going to happen.
• The winner of this season of Project Runway‘s unconventional technologic challenge.
• Vintage Gareth Pugh.
• Light up, LED shoes or shape wear.
• A hologram. There will be a hologram. Fuck, celebrities are assholes.
• Princess Peach. Or is this Taylor Swift?
• A QR Code suit or gown. I can guarantee this will happen. Someone is going to make a QR Code something. Someone’s going to do it. Someone is going to wear a QR Code something and I will throw my computer out of my window and it will turn into metallic wings that will fly to New York City and crash into their head.
• A dress made from robots assaulting you.
• A minimalist Gavin Belson.
• Something Tron? Maybe a Tron Guy tuxedo?
• A cowboy hat, a red bandana, and a jean vest.
• Lady Gaga’s Polaroid glasses with a Will.i.am Puls.
• A Jenny Holzer textual tapestry.
• This Tweet.
• Daft Deadmaus.
• This horrifying spider robot dress.
• An iron lung.
• A cat in a box.
• Will a celebrity show up in steampunk attire? Someone is going to try to be all cool and go retro futuristic. I know it. Someone is going to think it’s so cute.
• Diane Von Furstenberg for Google Glass.
• Fucking fashion headphones. Lagerfeld is one of the co-chairs so someone will wear these. I can feel it.
• Maybe inflatable clothing?
• Daryl Hannah.
• An outfit that is completely genderless, worn by two people of opposite genders, that is impossible to define because there is no boundary on where one person begins or where the other person ends because the clothing is agender.
• An iPod Sock.

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