Some Good, Bad Yeezy Knockoffs Because LOL

I really, really wish I could go to New York City and buy some shit from the Pablo store. The looks are actually kind of legit looking, right? The best part: apparently it features some bootleg merchandise. I love that. The troll trolls the trolls. Long live Kanye.

In honor of this—and because I randomly stumbled upon a pair yesterday—let’s take a step back to where the Kanye ripping off began: Yeezy knockoffs. This isn’t a thing just happening underground but out in the open, in the mainstream, by big brands trying to capitalize on a style. It speaks to Kanye’s ability to create a trend and the ensuing thirsty runoff.

Let’s investigate by looking at a few large, mainstream, mall brands that are directly commenting on the original Yeezy Boost 350 and Yeezy 750 Boost.

Lane Bryant Lace Up Sneakers
Who knew that the curvy mom brand had the #cucu to come at Kanye? I didn’t! This was the pair that started it all for me, as I was searching for something at work and stumbled upon this laughably terrible-but-not Yeezy wannabe. I’m impressed!

Sketchers Bright Idea
If your mom wasn’t already excited by those Lane Bryant shoes, she’s going to love these. These are the sad, orthopedic version of the above. They’re basically the embodiment of this Vine.

Nike Roshe Ones (In Cool Grey/White/Cool Grey)
Admittedly, these look nothing like Yeezys. They’re distinctly Nikes. However, you can see their wannabe Yeezyness in the sole as it has leans toward the signature chunk that Kanye created. That is the biggest through line of all these shoes: the attempt to recreate the unique sole that was created with the Boost 350. There are several other styles of Nikes that seem similar to the speckling of the 350s but the shape of this shoe and all around vibe is the most similar.

Aldo Alalisien
The only 750 knockoff, these are definitely the version of the shoe that your late teen cousin is wearing to the first day of their second semester of freshman year. It goes very well with their fake leather H&M bag, new Forever 21 shirt that falls mid-thigh and has zippers on the side, and Urban Outfitters baby pants. Your cousin is so cool!

The big brands are safe bets in terms of Yeezy knockoffs, as in you will not get your credit card information stolen. If you’re willing to take a chance and want a slant-ways rip, try either of these two! But don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Adidas Yeezy 350 Kanye West Boost Low Unisex Shoes
These very much wannabe 350s nail the sole and the rear pull tag but are waaaaaaaay off with the actual pattern. They’re horribly uncool and not at all Yeezy. They’re ridiculous and more befitting of the Lane Bryant shoes. How did Lane Bryant get the pattern better than you, USNewShoes.com? They also cost $150 (Down from $400!) so they’re not really a steal.

Replica Knock Off Original Adidas Yeezy 350 Boost by Kanye West Low Sneakers
These are the same exact shoes as above but $96 which leads me to believe that both these shoes are probably just socks with grips on the bottom and a big time scam that you’d see on Buzzfeed.

Yeezy Boost Knock Off Replica Lane Bryant Aldo Nike Sketchers 1234KYLE5678 Addidas Kanye West 2

Here’s something quite funny: Adidas is even trying to come for Kanye! Of course, they aren’t doing this terribly directly but they’re trying in an adorable way that very much references their current bread and butter. You could probably combine these three and get a pair of 350s, really.

Adidas ZX 8000 Blue Boost
These are cool, no? They’re like you combined the 350s and 750s, making 1100s. They’re both over and under designed, which I appreciate, and are like faux suede shoe versions of Rocksteady.

Adidas Performance Men’s Ultra Boost M (In Grey/Silver)
A ripoff of Flyknits masquerading as Yeezys. Adorable! I actually have a friendly who exclusively wears these and I don’t hate them. This shoe comes in lots of different color ways too.

Adidas Performance Women’s Lite Slip-On (In Grey/White/Grey)
These are the sad versions of the ZX 8000 mostly because of the unnecessary strap. Why is that even there? I can guarantee that you already know someone with these shoes and that they wear them from Zumba to happy hour.

Yeezy Boost Knock Off Replica Lane Bryant Aldo Nike Sketchers 1234KYLE5678 Addidas Kanye West 1

As a bonus, I wanted to share a few silly/great incarnations of the shoes for those who don’t care how ridiculous their knockoffs are. Long live the spirit of Pablo!

Slumber LA Slippers
These coming-soon shoes are slippers fashioned to look like Yeezys. They come in a few different styles and are fairly affordable not to mention adorable. These will make a fantastic holiday gift for your sneaker head friend, who will certainly love and hate you for getting them this.

NaiMike Yeezy Inspired Sneackers
Yeezys. For babies. Does Kanye know about this? He probably had Saint and Nori a pair made directly by Adidas but it’s fun to think that he may have patronized this little kid shop.

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