Some Non-Shitty Novelty Candles That You Should Gift

Candles are great gifts but you don’t want to be that person who always gifts candles. So you’ve gotten people affordable candles, gay smelling candles, and even gassy candles: you need to branch out in your candle gifts. What kind of candle do you gift next?

A novelty candle! These are hard to pull off without looking like you just hit a Hot Topic but, thankfully, novelty candles do overlap with designer, artsy candles: you can get a novelty candle that isn’t shitty. Thus, here are five not-terrible novelty candles that you can gift. Add these to your Amazon queue and tap into them whenever you need something to give.

Huset Tallow Candle
These are so cute and clever since they are a non-obnoxiously colored two-in-one merger of candle and candle holder. They’re a designer friendly rethinking of an 1800s candle classic and, to add even more of a cool factor, they’re handmade in the Netherlands.

Multi Color Drip Taper Candle
Undoubtedly hidden in some forgotten boxes in a church sacristy, these 1960s relics appear white and clean but burn rainbows. They come in some really far out packaging and are sold in duos. Beautiful!

Andrej Urem Collection Lace Candle
If you’re looking for something a bit more sophisticated, Andrej Urem’s candles are all designer porn intended to melt in all sorts of weirdo ways. They’re almost too pretty to set on fire! The Lace is certainly my favorite since it’s so bony and bulbous but each of Urem’s candles have their own unique appeal.

PyroPet Candles Kisa Candle
Part geometric animal, party mecha-skeleton, the PyroPet is like a little candle that reveals its insides to you as it burns. This concept for a candle isn’t anything particularly new but this is perhaps the best incarnation of the concept. The candles come in baby pink, gray, and black and have some pretty sweet packaging.

Huzi Enlightenment Candles
The only set, this trio of candles is a few things: two mountains, two clouds, and a lot of coastal scents. They’re each “inspired by nature” which means you can watch clouds float away or icy mountains (sadly) melt into a puddle.

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