Some Pictures Of Donald Glover In Shorts To Get You Excited For Summer

We have reached the crest of the hill that we call Spring, now able to see Summer in the near distance. What a sweet, sweaty time of year.

For many who are not me, this means it’s time for shorts. Time to whip out my dang short pants, you think. My legs about to burn. This is my daily thought and I’m always here to help you navigate getting leggy with ease. And you know who does this really well? Donald Glover.

We all love him. He’s a budding little icon whose work seems to always be firing on all cylinders and, with a potential breakout role in Solo, everyone’s favorite cutie should rule the pre-Summer scene. I’ve noted this for years but I want to raise something to all of you: he’s also really good at wearing shorts. His style has changed over the years, as you will see, but his Cool Kid Dad™ “now” shorts style is absolutely perfect. We can all pull cues from him.

Thus, here are some pictures of Donald Glover wearing shorts to get you excited for Summer (and maybe get you excited in some other ways).

The St. Donald Look
Most of these photos I have no clue when they came from but I’m gonna tell you this one is old. Most of these photos of him wearing longer, knee hugging shorts are likely not-that-new. The lesson to be learned here is in coordinating color since he is, technically, matchy-matchy without being over the fucking top. It’s nice! If only the shorts stopped above the knee though…

The Anti-Summer
This was a promo shot or something but a lightweight hoodie and shorts are always a good idea. This is something Donald does quite well: making Summer looks less Summer, by adding a sweater or long sleeved shirt. This is always a good option!

The Kid
I do not think this one is older (I could be mistaken.) but I will tell you this is classic Donald: a below-the-belt tee, mid-thigh shorts, and a hoodie. It’s very youthful while being mature. It’s how adults can channel kid-ness without looking like a jackass. Nice choice of shoes though, as to keep a streamlined look sleek. Interesting brand clashing too with the adidas/Nike tension.

The This Photo Is Watermarked
I know this photo is watermarked but I love this look. It’s an evolution of the above as it is more recent (His hair/facial hair seems to log time.) but the proportions on this work. Again with the mid-thigh shorts, again with the long sleeved top. It’s perfect. Alamy.

The Garth
This is a riff on The Kid but with a bit more tongue-in-cheek-ness given the shirt is Garth Fucking Brooks.

The Earm
Technically not him, no, but whenever I think of Earn I do think of this outfit. It’s so delightfully “I’m trying here!” but is so not-great. The low plaid long shorts, the paneled tee, sneakers with socks: all bad. This is why this look is here: it’s quite antithetical to how Donald actually dresses. Don’t be an Earn.

The Best Look
Good god: if I could fuck this photo, I would. I want to become this photo. It’s his best look and he looks so sharp by looking so simple. I’m so fucking in love with this photo and I’ve been squirreling it away for months so I could write this post. Every man should copy this outfit. (Maybe Donald is onto something with those shoes, too.)

The Hawaiian Tension
Summer means more Hawaiian print and they are still, in my mind, in right now. This is a good example of channeling kid pattern clashing perfect for the beach. If you’re opting for non-beach? Don’t wear damn swim trunks like a child. Step that pussy up and buy printed shorts for not-swimming.

The Hawaiian Tension, II
While he is still, technically, wearing the same outfit, this does look sharper. I hate cardigans but I can deal with this.

The Hawaiian Tension, III
This is an entirely different look (Note the blue, note the drawstring.) but is exactly the same. I fancy this shirt more but why this works is big, bold pattern on top, subtle and intimate pattern on the bottom.

The “Oh, Hi!”
“Oh, hello! It’s me. Donald. I hiked all the way up here in my beloved mid-thigh shorties and a nice fitting polo to give you a kiss.”

The Prep
This was for a photo shoot but I still kind of like it. It’s definitely Community era so don’t try to copy this look or you’ll end up being very extremely 2011.

The Cutie
This is so his shit and so good and so simple. Just a tee and shorties and short sneaks! It’s the Donald way. Take a note.

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