Someone Ruined Ariana Papademetropoulos’ Paintings

Ariana Papademetropoulus is a Los Angeles based artists whose paintings look like a mistake. Did someone drop a cup of water on them? Who caused the curious X-shaped warping in these pretty views of ornate rooms? Why is there paint spilled in the center of the canvas? That is kind of Papademetropoulus’ thing.

The artist creates beautiful, luscious, colorful paintings that have a candy hued aesthetic lent to Versaille levels of opulent subjects. Then, with a dramatic swish, the central view of the painting becomes undone. Perhaps a child bumped into her while painting or a hater of beauty splashed a chemical on her finished product: whatever the story (“story”) behind the warp’s intent, there is justice in Papademetropoulus’ “mistake” as they reveal secret messages. The warps often turn into a foreboding X or a wreath-like circle. They are fuzzy deconstructive tears that suggest these beauties aren’t quite as perfect as anticipated. They’re a bit fucked up.

Papademetropoulus is a brilliant painter. The works are quite large too which make the detail of her undoing her work even more appealing. There is this fucked up quality to them, a fact that suggests even the most beautiful things aren’t perfect. Everything is broken, in a way.

Ariana Papademetropoulos Los Angeles Painting Painter Art 1234KYLE5678 3

Ariana Papademetropoulos Los Angeles Painting Painter Art 1234KYLE5678 2

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