Stop The Menswear Pose

My friend Mary has lots of great things to say about fashion.

Not only does she have an inspirational personal style, she has lots of brilliant thoughts about how dudes should carry themselves in relationship to clothing. Most recently, she’s pointed her gaze at a specific, annoying, thing-that-we-all-know-but-haven’t-talked-about: the Wrist-Grab.

As a part of the debut issue of GQ Style, Mary takes down this Instagram born epidemic of male posing. It’s one of those things you’ve seen trickle down from red carpets and Justin Bieber concerts to now your everyday life: if you are a dude who thinks he knows style, he does the Wrist-Grab.

It’s gotta stop.

But we’re not buying the overcompensating shtick of trying to look completely put out by the Instagram process, either. Frankly, dude doth protest too much in his Raf Simons Sterling Ruby or his IWC—and there’s nothing even remotely candid, winsome, or hard about appearing to shake the back of your own hand in the neighborhood of your crotch. If you and your fash-bros are all wearing flagrantly louche ensembles of exceedingly rare provenance, why ruin the moment with identical postures? It is, as they say in contemporary parlance, “washed.” Even dudes with soul patches understand that there can be only one fedora in the group.

As she suggest, embrace yourself and be swallowed by the ridiculousness of fashion. Embrace the fucking style you are dressed as instead of literally clutching your junk on the red carpet, hiding inward as to not be exposed in any way.

As discussed yesterday, this probably has something to do with overcompensating gender. Because you—on a red carpet, cheesing on Insta, sharing your style—is associated with that of a woman, you go for the touch, macho, dick grab to remind everyone that you are an emotionless dude. You don’t feel anything else. You get what is happening—but you are above it. Because you are a man.

PSSSSSH: shut the fuck up. Get a life, dudes. Build your posing repertoire and, as Mary says, fucking ditch this male duck lips of a pose. It’s so tired and so straight and so dumb.

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