Strangled By A Job: Marie Davidson’s “Work It”

A few months ago, Dorian Electra released a song bemoaning the plight of the millennial worker. If you wanted a thumping techno sequel, your wish has been answered.

It comes from Marie Davidson, the French-Canadian singing techno artist whose works are dancefloor oriented with a side of story. Her new album – Working Class Woman – is a hysterical wander around what it means to be a young adult today, particularly a young woman working in techno today. There are songs about the psychology of youth mentality and the unraveling of the overworked and how women are treated as electronic musicians.

Then there’s “Work It.” No, it’s not the Missy Elliot song but, yes, it is a hysterical riffing on dancing and the idea of working. In this quick jam, Davidson packs in foot thumping, ass shaking bass beats that frame a story of someone who works Monday through Fridays, nearly all hours of the day, simply to get ahead in a profession. It’s a declaration – and dedication – to all who never get a moment for themselves, who slave for a job and slave for the gig, those who have to work hard and work hard. It is a representation of the hysterical mania of being a millennial, under the finger of finances and the economy and the ways of the world. It is a song about powerlessness.

It’s devastating. It’s also super fucking funny. It will also make you feel like shit. I’m sorry and you are welcome. Listen below and consider how you can escape work instead of making work.

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