Stupid Or Cool Or Stupid: Jimmy Fallon For J.Crew’s Pocket Dial

News of the strange: last week, Jimmy Fallon and J.Crew launched a new product that they co-designed. Interesting.

The item is The Pocket Dial, a phone case and pocket square hybrid that is as cool as it is crazy. By way of a fluffy silk “clip on pocket square” (a dressy merkin), your iPhone is outfitted with a leather wallet / case / breast buddy suiting decoration. This is something for a very specific, likely New Yorker male who has to look nice and who can be seen using a phone that has a billowy goatee on the bottom of it.

So is this cool or stupid or what? Is The Pocket Dial any good? It’s conceptually interesting. The idea of a functional pocket square is quite smart but, because The Pocket Dial is just a navy-and-white polka dotted puff, it seems a little obvious. People in the know will know what you are wearing while others will wonder why your pocket square is so awkwardly poking out of your pocket. It lacks the natural fluff of a pocket square. It doesn’t look sharp nor does it seem cool. Like Fallon’s line of work, it’s jokey. It’s a present you give to someone that you like but don’t know what to get them because you really don’t care. It’s fake fashion but funny and has double brand recognition. It’s perfect for the Upright Citizen’s Brigade person you know who owns a blazer and wears thick rimmed glasses. There is a type attached to this product.

Yet, The Pocket Dial is interesting: all proceeds benefit the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust in the hopes of helping elephants in Africa. Cool! It would make a great gift, honestly, and Fallon does make the admittedly goofy product look good. The attached campaign is insufferable and you have to wonder why elephants are being championed over humans right now but, hey, nothing about this is bad. Jimmy also made the prototypes for The Pocket Dial himself and is a big J.Crew fan. It’s a good pairing! The name of it is great, too.

But where’s Questlove or any person of color in the ads? Why only navy and white? Why only polka dots? Is this going to be something that will continue out of the holiday season? Who is really going to buy this? It seems ridiculous to be ridiculous, perhaps the more philanthropic dude version of the Tilly problem. So is The Pocket Dial actually cool or stupid? Or cool-stupid? Or stupid-cool? I’m going to go with cool-stupid because it’s an absurd product for absurd people. It’s not fashionable, it’s not practical, and it’s not something that is or will ever be a thing. Too bad Sky Mall is dead because this would have been a perfect addition.

Where the Venn diagram of pocket square lovers, iPhone case enthusiasts, and J.Crew shoppers meet, The Pocket Dial is not there. The Pocket Dial is instead next to a beer can backstage at a no-name comedy theatre, under an ironic sweater that has no pockets, the clipped on silk square long since lost. But, hey, it helped elephants.

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