Sunny Bags From Pacific Tote Company

There is a wall on Cahuenga in Hollywood that is always painted with colorful, cute, retro advertising. While ads are generally gross, these hand-done signs are totally a breath of fresh air given Los Angeles’ hyper-saturated movie marketing.

So who’s behind this business? A little brand called Pacific Tote Company, which makes totally sunny bagging for you to skip around all Summer with. Everything they do is bright and colorful and comes in a style suited for you: there is the basic Big Sur tote, the luxe leather/canvas version of the Big Sur tote, the slim same Catalina tote, and the non-tote Zuma pouch. They have a fun, genderless, seventies appeal akin to early American Apparel which is an irony undoubtedly not lost on the young Los Angeles brand.

Pacific Tote Company Echo Park Bag Bags Clutches Sunset Blvd 1234kyle5678 2

Another irony thing about this young brand—which explains prime time hand painted ad real estate in Hollywood and a storefront in a hot part of Echo Park—is that it comes from Roman Coppola and The Directors Bureau as a part of the brand’s “Special Projects Division.” While I have no idea idea what that means, these bags, the branding, the advertising, the mark, the everything is cute. I do not know Roman personally but I know that we’ve been at a few of the same parties and the parties are always as stylish as he is. The brand has a leg up, sure, but their product has a legitimacy and sweetness that sets it apart.

(This also explains how their social numbers are low but people like Kirsten Dunst and James Franco have been seen with bags: it’s all in the family.)

The bags come in a wide variety of colors and are undeniably fun. They’re not that expensive either as the totes range from $80 to $180 while the pouches are just $30. You can absolutely see them diversifying their roster and exploding into a neo-AmAppy which we’ll all have to be on the lookout for since there does seem to be a gap in the market for That ’70s Thing. Could this be it? Probably. It’s just adorable and approachable enough with the right star power behind it.

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