Take Your Gloves Off, Carla

This post (or poem or musing or whatever) contains spoilers for the movie Gerald’s Game: read at your own risk.

Take your gloves off, Carla. Stay a while.

Spend the night. Handcuff yourself to the bed. Watch your husband take a Viagra™ and die. Think about death. Think about rape. Think about death rape Viagra™ husband staying a while on the bed.

Take your gloves off, Carla. What else is there to do?

There’s a dog in the room too. The dog licks your husband’s blood. He bled out on the floor. My fingers tingle. The dog bites off some flesh. He bites your legs. You were very good in Son In Law.

Take your gloves off, Carla. The other Carla did it.

She broke the bed frame. She pulled her hand out that handcuff, broke the post, and did a backhand spring into a smile. That’s how you get out of bed, she seemed to say with her teeth. Why didn’t you do that?

Take your gloves off, Carla. I don’t know what I’d do.

I thought about this: I would throw my legs above my head. I would try to get the plank above me down, using my legs to wield it like a long, flat arm. I’d use it to get the phone, to push the bed around. I’d kick the post off. I’d thrash my way out. Could you have done that? Probably. Would it have worked? Probably not.

Take your gloves off, Carla. Have you seen E.T.?

The movie, not the television show. The movie stars actor Henry Thomas. He plays Elliot. You know him, Carla. He plays your dad. I spent most of his screen time wishing he was Billy Crudup but he isn’t. He was a creep in this movie. Would you have guessed he’d play such a convincing, creepy rapist? I didn’t.

Take your gloves off, Carla. I don’t want you to die.

Speaking of, that man with the weird face isn’t a metaphor for death but is actually, literally, strangely a grave robber rapist who calls his sister and her husband “Mama and Papa.” He also ate them. Can you believe that? Can you believe that this movie ended with you detailing in a very sweet letter to yourself that you started a rape survivor’s non-profit but – Oh! – the man who haunted your nights was actually a rug pulling monster man who had no place in this story but was a very Stephen King means to cram in just one extra bit of oddity that an editor was too afraid to say no to? I can’t.

Take your gloves off, Carla. Mike Flanagan seems cool.

I loved Ouija: Origin Of Evil. I didn’t love Oculus but it featured a sexy cast. I once lied and said I saw Absentia and submitted a review for publication for this movie I didn’t actually see. I want to say Mike is gay given the role beautiful men play in his films but, alas, he’s married to an actress.

Take your gloves off, Carla. Or glove.

That was a gross scene. I watch a lot of horror and that scene was gross. People will call it “unsettling” and I will reply that it was gross. My hands still tingle and it’s been a day since I’ve seen the scene. They burn.

Take your gloves off, Carla. You aren’t going anywhere. Your skin might – but you aren’t.

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