Ten Thoughts About RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars: Season Four, Episode One

This season of Drag Race is definitely something already.

We immediately dove straight into delightful drama (Or, at least, right into entertainment.), offering a taste of a season that is committed to being as great as All Stars Season Two. Let’s dive right into thoughts, shall we? Here are ten things of note, one for each participating contestant on this episode.

10. Callback Central
All Stars is where you take your queenly brand and spread it out, growing and getting a bigger and better audience from whence you originated on this show. This is obvious but, boy, is it most grating in this season? These queens are obsessed with building a brand in really gross ways that we are going to hear about again and again and again and are going to hate as a result. “Brown cow? Stunning!”? Sponges? The Tuck? Leg in legendary? Jush? Too much, fam. TOO MUCH. In the words of Trixie Mattel on The Pit Stop, if I see a sponge and a cow every episode, I’m gonna break the TV. Please do not.

9. Ass Out
Everyone looked mostly great with their entrances – but you know who was the most laughed at? Farrah. Poor, poor Farrah and her non-foundation’d, dimpled ass. It was so embarrassing. It didn’t stop there for her as she was this week’s whipping girl. In the reading challenge? She fucking bombed. The talent show? Literally busted her bumpy ass. In redemption? A babbling brook. She was definitely not an All Star. Perhaps she’ll do much better next week but, given how she killed her own Valentina storyline, she won’t be around long.

8. Season Of The Legend…
While Farrah sunk, people like Manilla and Latrice soared. As Naomi made known, this is the season of the legend. This is not no silly competition but a fierce, fierce fight. We mostly got that this episode save for the newbs who were concerned with hyper branding. I have high hopes since the looks were mostly very, very good as were the talents.

7. …And The Shade
The shade!!!! Ms. Gia bringing her knife to this game. It’s incredible how she called everyone out. Some people really did not enjoy that but I was all aboard her fucking calling people out and bluffing and bluffing and bluffing. She paid it off too with her performance! She doesn’t fuck around. Besides her, there was a pretty stiff prickle traveling around with the queens poking at each other. Valentina did this so well as did Naomi, particularly when she told Manilla that she was her Lady Bunny. Ah, delicious, delicious shade.

6. A Talented Bunch? Mostly.
This talent show was fun! I thought Manilla and Trinity and Gia were genius while Latrice and Monique turned something that should have been dumb into something spectacular. Similarly, lipsyncers Valentina and Naomi turned it out. That was the thing: you just had to be good at anything. While Monet and Jasmine and Farrah were trying something different, they were mostly forgettable – and not good. I’ll take a mediocre lipsync over fucking unrehearsed standup. Jesus.

5. Jennifer Lewis Forever
How good was Jennifer Lewis as a judge? Not only was she fucking animated but she went full grandma and used her prescription sunglasses as her glasses. I loved her. Also: “Leave that nervous shit at home. It’s boring!” is perhaps one of the best things a judge has ever said on this show.

4. These Were Not The Tops I Was Looking For.
While Trinity and Monique were great, this was not the top two – or even top three – that I was expecting. They weren’t bad by any means but I was expecting Latrice or Valentina or Gia who really brought it and did something special. No one was that, that great really which is why it was tough picking a top two.

3. Bottom Bitches
But the bottom? There were very clear losers and it could have only ever been Farrah and Jasmine. They both went on to do terribly as it relates to pleading their cases. Farrah was a blubbering mess while Jasmine didn’t give a shit. They both lost, in my opinion. As Monique said, send them both home. SHEESH.

2. A Lipsync To Remember
This was a great lipsync! I think? I went back and forth on whether it was great or not and I think I’m gonna go with great. Trinity opted for a more restrained something that suited her well – but Monique? She tapped into every stereotype of the ‘sync possible. I loved that. Overkill, sure, but I appreciated the wig in the sky. She is the queen of the good-bad lipsync as we saw last season – and I’m sure we can expect more where that came from.

1. Jasmine Who?
We all knew Jasmine was gonna be the first one out. It couldn’t have been anyone else. What makes this interesting is that she did so well on the holiday special and that she evolved the trope of the YouTube queen going home first, adapting this notion for the All Star set. She is great but is just not-that-great when it comes to competing on a reality show. Stick to the small screen, babe.

I’m quite excited for this season since this episode anti-disappointed: it was great.

One question that I did not bring up: are there gonna be mega twists this season? Will there be a surprise jury of peers? What are we expecting? It seems like we’re going to get a lot of twists or none? Either way, I am eagerly awaiting what the show tosses my way.

Now. My ranking! I don’t think it’s that different from my original analysis but posting it again just because.

10. Jasmine Masters (Maintained – and out. We all expected this.)
9. Farrah Moan (maintained. She will be very, very lucky if she lasts longer than the next episode.)
8. Money X Change (Down one. She really made a poor showing. She was not-great all around. Bad fashion, bad branding. I was not into it.)
7. Gia Gunn (Up one. This is hard now! Everyone else is actually great. Gia was way better than expected but the people above her are just gonna bring it a bit harder. But bless her god damned sass.)
6. Monique Heart (Maintained. She was great/ Way better than expected.)
5. Naomi Smalls (Down one. I want to put her so much higher but she has some hurdles to overcome.)
4. Trinity Taylor (Up one. She really turned it out. I loved how fucking harsh she was to Farrah, the voice of reason on this episode. When she shut down finding a straight husband in LGBTQ+ service members? God. I died.)
3. & 2. Latrice Royale & Manilla Luzon (Maintained. / Up one. / Down one. These two are so good!!! Especially Manilla. But I can’t separate the two. They are gonna kill it.)
1. Valentina (Maintained. And then the queen. Like. She did everything so well and they knew they couldn’t give her all the wins like they did in her previous season because it would taint the All Stars ways, tilting everything to her. They know to offer viewers some suspense after Alaska stole the show in her season. I’m fully anticipating Valentina to pull an Alaska. Stay tuned.)

Thoughts? Please tell me what you think!

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