Ten Walls’ Does Community Service. Is It Any Good?

Earlier this year, buzzed about house artist Ten Walls made a big boo boo because he posted a homophobic rant on Facebook. It was laughably ridiculous as he equated gays to pedophiles. The reaction was an opening in the house music community to kick Ten Walls out: that shit don’t fly in the queer heavy dance world. Sure, his words were very wrong but it was ultimately laughable: the dude got black balled by the LGBT community and so many more before he even became a thing.

Truth be told: he can make great music, which is why it was a shame. His EPs for Gotham—his debut—and Requiem in 2013 were some of the best of that year. He is a solid producer. Unfortunately, being stupid trumps talent and out he went…until this week. He’s making his Nash Grier apology tour in the hopes of bandaging the deep cut he made in both the house and LGBTQ communities. He’s done so with the song “Shining,” which is remarkably slow, enlists trans musician Alex Radford on vocals, and is released through LGBT organization National LGBT Rights Organization.

Is it any good? Is this the way to redeem yourself?

No. It is bad 2000s era house. It is all sappy lyrics and “Harum. Sowwy. Wah.”l,” groaning in synthetics for four minutes. “New day, new beginning,” Radford sings. “Moving forward, leave it all behind. No way. Not going back.”: it goes on the whole song with saps like that. It’s less of a party song and more of an electric dirge, sorry after sorry after sorry. It’s not fun and it panders and it feels very forced considering his thoughts on the gay people. To show he’s reformed, he made this thing and enlisted the ultimate queer (a trans person) to help him come back and called it progress.

Dude: just do you. The people who care are over it and the people who don’t care aren’t going to like this song. Moreover, why not release a remix of Bieber’s “Sorry” because that shit is the jam. This? It’s so dull. Maybe in Lithuania—where you are from, where this may count as community service—this is good. Everywhere else it sucks.

Maybe the gay rights clinate is more serious in Lithuania and, perhaps, this song will become a unifying anthem. But, I’m going to call it straight up shit.

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