Terragem By Lnrdcroy

Lnrdcroy is a deep house daddy from Canada who makes fuzzy beats that bounce back and forth between big dance floor jams to New Age melodica. He’s a legit dude.

His 2014 1080P release Much Less Normal was a massive success (To me.) and defined him as an ambient house artist along the lines of Blondes or Stellar Om Source. His sound is a bit softer and playful, something deep house often forgets it should be. His latest release UNTHANK008 is a little three song EP that promises more of his style of open house and, while I haven’t heard it all, I can tell you that one song off the release is great: “Terragem.”

The song is a near 9 minute thumper. It consists of different types of low blerps and basses talking to each other over birdy calls and slow building cycles of synthetic sound. Like most of Lnrdcroy’s work, life pokes its way through the cracks in the record: it sounds strangely full of life despite it being entirely electronic. There is a static around his sound in “Terragem” that feels like an organic furry metal creature scratching itself and making the song as a result. There’s a nonsensical organicness that should not work. It’s likely because he is so good at organizing sonic stories within songs.

The (clear) vinyl release is out now and can be sampled on Lnrdcroy’s Soundcloud—but “Terragem” is available to stream legally or not below. It’s the biggest song on the release and it’s such a deep house gem. Ride this buzz into Friday night.

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