Text This Shirt To Your bb

Texting is very intimate. More than email—and sometimes more than talking face-to-face—talking via text let’s a person write things they would never say or express things in words and pictures. Why else has something like sexting become such a phenomena?

Cute, Parisian mini-fashion label Keur have an idea for turning texts into something a bit more substantial: make them shirts. The brand—from Frenchwoman Eva Bromberg—is known for their embroidery work on luxe t-shirts and they’ve made a mini-collection of texting conversations with your boo. ““T’es ou bb?” one shirt asks, which translates to “Where are you, bb?” It ends in a winky, kissy face. “J’arrive,” another shirt answers, “I’m coming.” It ends in “mon red emoji heart,” “my love.” Is there anything more fucking adorable than these call and response shirts?

Keur Paris Colette Shirts iPhone Embroidery Fashion France 1234KYLE5678 3

If the shirts were screenprinted or even stuck with these texts, they’d feel a bit too ridiculous and silly but—because they are so short, sweet, sexy, and subtle—they work. The embroidery really elevates the time-grounded act of texting too, spinning them into a timeless act, a universal way of communicating. It removes the baggage of Apple’s design and transforms the bubble into a cutesy, adult-but-totally-teen love balloon.

If t-shirts aren’t your thing, there is also a sweater version. If you want to elevate the texts to a sext, ask who’s coming with your genitals. Keur also made a really funny shirt with the brand Colette that misspells the name and, if phones and technology aren’t your thing, you can get a custom shirt made. Maybe get one for your bb this Valentine’s Day? Why not?!

Keur Paris Colette Shirts iPhone Embroidery Fashion France 1234KYLE5678 1

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