That Thing Where You Hate Something So Much That You Become Obsessed With It

You know when you hate someone so much that you can’t stop talking about them? You know what I’m talking about: it’s that obsession with the other. It’s that joke. It’s that thing where you hate someone so much that you become them.

It’s the the same thing as driving past a car crash, where it is repulsive and awful and terrible but you want to know about it. You want to stare at it, to know what death looks like. You want to know your inevitable reality before it becomes your reality.

“Kylie’s presence online is both alarming and sometimes so tragic that I can’t look away,” says Joelle Hyman, a 23-year-old who downloaded the app. “I just want to watch ten pounds of makeup get slapped on her face and feel bad about myself.”

You might even pay the thing because it’s the thing. You might even download an app of this monster. You might even write a post about it, dedicating more breath and time to a balloon covered in makeup that should have popped years and years and years ago.

It’s that thing where you hate fuck something until you love it. It’s that colloquialism like LOL or OMG that you promise you will not say except when joking with friends and then it becomes a part of your vernacular. It’s obsessing over a trend because you hate it and you hate the person who made it but you follow them and you get updates on them and you want to know everything about it. You don’t want to drive past the car crash anymore: you want to sit and watch it. You want every detail. You want to become the car crash.

“I don’t love Kylie,” says 23-year-old Deisy Patino, “yet I follow her on Snapchat, Instagram, and Twitter. I find her very interesting (not always in a good way), and I want to know what she is up to and doing.”

It’s that thing you hate but you want to know all about. It’s that thing that you talk about as “That Thing,” which only became “That Thing” because you and the thing were always the same thing: you just wanted to watch it jealously so that you were aware of how the two of you became each other. That’s that thing.

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