The 25 Days Of Honda Days: Day II, 2015 Honda CB500F

On the second day of Honda Days, Honda gave to me: a 2015 Honda CB500F.

We walked home from dinner.
“We’ll find a Honda,” we said.
Then we saw a Civic.
“We’ll gamble,” I said.
Then we saw another Civic.
“We’ll find something better,” I said.
Then a motorcycle.
“That’s it.”

It was in a parking lot, in front of a Petco.
I could have seen the scene from my apartment window.
There were people around so we went into the store and bought pet food.

It’s a cute bike which is fitting because I had on a cute outfit:

• J.Crew knit cap.
• A Gant sweater I got at a factory sale years ago that I purchased with a hole in the armpit.
• Cutoff Levi’s shorts that I bought over the summer, after my favorite pair of jean shorts died and after a botched attempt at making new jean shorts.
• An old flannel that I always think belonged to my grandfather (it did not).
• Some Adidas shoes I bought Bobby that he never wore but I now wear a lot.

Did you know that motorcycles are worse for the planet than cars? They are.

I didn’t spit at this vehicle but I certainly thought that.
It’s cute.
But, like all cute things, it’s deadly.
The bike was gone when I went to look for it this morning.

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