The 25 Days Of Honda Days: Day IX, 2001 Honda CR-V

On the ninth day of Honda Days, Honda gave to me: a 2001 Honda CR-V.

The Vehicle: Ahh, the car belonging to that sporty friend from college. Be it the fit girl who played softball or the squeaky kicker on the football team, this car resonates a vague athleticism to match the driver’s vague athleticism. This version of the car was on the tail end of the first generation, which lasted form 1995 through 2001. There have since been three other generations and two “facelifts” but they’re all generally the same faux-athletic, faux-SUV style. It also was sooooo outdoorsy and athletic that some models included a clumsy, shitty picnic table.

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Environmental Impact: This car seems to have lots of issues as the top Google search after the name and year of this car is “problems” and, as HondaProblems.com shows, CR-Vs have lots of issues. The 2001 is one of the least offensive but, in general, lemony cars as such are bad for the world. The issue with lemons is that they’re somewhat emblematic of waste and inefficiency: these bad cars are cycled and “recycled” through a system of repairs by different owners. It’s a stupid, complicated shuffle that suggests bad cars are so much worse for the planet than good cars.

How Happy Does This Honda Make Me? Eh. A wasteful car is not fit at all—and this one is super wasted.

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