The 25 Days Of Honda Days: Day IX, 2012 Honda Pilot SUV

On the ninth day of Honda Days, Honda gave to me: a 2012 Honda Pilot SUV.

Design: This is the biggest Honda that I have encountered. It’s kind of nice! But also scary because big cars are scary smoke monsters. Anyway, like all Hondas, it stands in between everything and is totally safe: the Pilot is an attempt at a cool car but also something for parents to feel good about but also an SUV that barely is an SUV.

Aesthetic: A Honda on steroids, that is big only for the sake of being big.

l.a.Eyeworks sunglasses // A.P.C. sweater that I hand dyed // J.Crew shorts that I removed color from // some Zuriick shoes I got from Gilt years ago

Features: It has four wheel drive. I do like the color: it’s a gray that is more silver than gray. Sophisticated!

Honda Dayness: Eh. The strangeness of this car is based in it’s truly in-betweenness, like the not-Prius and the not-Accord. No one thinks of a Honda and goes “SUV!” If you think SUV and Honda, you think CR-V, not necessarily a Pilot.

How Happy Does This Honda Make Me? Not very. I’m realizing that Hondas are not really committed, creative cars: they just…are. They’re too utilitarian and reliable to be anything interesting. Contrastingly, this outfit is creative. I basically made it myself by dyeing everything. Fancy, right? The sweater had a giant marker stain on it so I gave it a splotchy tie-dye treatment and the shorts were so basic that I removed color to create an interesting ripple effect. Do you like it? I’ll give you a fucking tutorial video one day.

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