The 25 Days Of Honda Days: Day V, 2015 Honda Fit & 1972 Honda Trail CT90

On the fifth day of Honda Days, Honda gave to me: a 2015 Honda Fit and a 1972 Honda Trail CT90.

I was out, over the weekend.
There are many things to do over the weekend.
There are also many Hondas over the weekend.

I saw one, while passing, after driving.
I posed with it: it was a Fit, which is fairly green.

Then, out at a holiday market, I saw it: a rare Honda.

A 1972 Honda Trail CT90.
It’s beautiful. It’s sporty. It’s vintage.
It’s a cult sensation.
I can assure you: it is also probably, most likely, awful for the planet.
We only took three photos that all look the same since we were in public.

But how cute it looked! How coordinated it was with me!
It was meant to be.

• Some fancy ass Coach shirt jacket, that I love but it’s been too disgustingly hot to wear.
• A mustard Fanmail shirt which, although a gift, champions sustainability.
• An APC sweater, around the waist for effect.
• More J.Crew shorts. That’s all I wear.
• A gay hat, some quilted socks, a vintage earring I bought from my friend Cori, Warby Parker glasses that we forgot we owned, and Birkenstocks.

What a find, what a double Honda magic double day.

Tis the season.

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