The 25 Days Of Honda Days: Day VI, 1998 Honda Civic LX

On the sixth day of Honda Days, Honda gave to me: a 1998 Honda Civic LX.

Design: This is classic Civic and, while I didn’t note the age for the older Civic I’ve posted about, it just dawned on me that all these Civics from the nineties are nearly twenty years old. These cars are basically old enough to drive cars themselves. Can you fucking believe that? The ultimate normcore ride has grown up—and can still fetch over $2K.

Aesthetic: At this point, a 1990s Civic driver represents the American (Japanese) dream that cars should not die. This particular Civic had a Club so I think the aesthetic is more accurately, “Don’t fuck with my broke ass.”

1998 Honda Civic LX happy honda days 1234KYLE5678

A few years old J.Crew Lambswool Fair Isle sweater // vintage Levi’s shorts that someone sold to me and told me “These shorts are like a bad habit: you’ll wear them every day!” and he was right // old Super sunglasses // socks // Red Wing Classic in Bourbon Yuma Leather

Features: A lot of dents.

Honda Dayness: Ultimate Honda Dayness. When I think of a Honda, I think of a Civic. When I think of a Civic, I think of this car. When I think of this car, I think about a woman named Mrs. Washington who used to work for my dad, who bought this car brand new, and who bragged all year that she had the nicest, newest car in the lot. I always think that when I encounter a Civic.

How Happy Does This Honda Make Me? Very. If it got any more Honda than this, it would be E. Honda.

Honda Civic LX happy honda days holiday 2015 1234kyle5678 2 1998 Honda Civic LX

Honda Civic LX happy honda days holiday 2015 1234kyle5678 3 1998 Honda Civic LX

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