The 25 Days Of Honda Days: Day VIII, 2013 Honda Fit

On the eighth day of Honda Days, Honda gave to me: a 2013 Honda Fit.

This, really, was a rare sighting.

Not because it was a Fit but because it was so close.
It was literally outside of my apartment.
I took the dogs out before leaving for the day and it was just
Awaiting me and my tie-dye.

I worked with a guy a few months ago who inspired a Friday where people wore tie-dye.
He called it, “Tie-dye Frydye.”
I think about that a lot when I wear tie-dye.

• An old Ralph Lauren Polo™ shirt I removed color from.
• Old J.Crew shorts I also removed color from.
• Super Sunglasses.
• Some Alife high-tops that I’ve had since college.

Consider using tie-dye (or color remover, as I do) to reinvent your clothing.
It’s cheaper and the planet will thank you.

(But do note: you are using chemicals.)
(Those aren’t always good for the planet – or you.)

Happy Frydye.

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