The 25 Days Of Honda Days: Day VIII, 2015 Honda Pilot

On the eighth day of Honda Days, Honda gave to me: a 2015 Honda Pilot.

You know what a Saturday is good for? Marching against climate change, apparently. What a great way to spend your day!

Take Poland, for instance.

Some of them were dressed as polar bears, some as orangutans, animals that are facing extinction from man-made global warming and deforestation.

They joined in chants of “Wake up, it’s time to save our home,” and held banners including one reading “Defend our Rights to Food, Land, Water,” as large police units and mounted police looked on.

Doesn’t end there: students in Australia are doing the same thing. Specifically, they are protesting the use of coal.

The rallies on Saturday will be to protest against the Adani coal mine and Jean said they were opposed to the use of coal for electricity and were also against the development because of the potential impact on the Great Barrier Reef.

“It will drive Australia and the rest of the world away from a sustainable future and that’s something we don’t agree with,” she said.

“Young people will not stand by and let Adani dig its mine, or let politicians get away with waving through a project which will destroy our future.

“Climate change is breathing down our necks. We’re fired up and ready to do whatever it takes to stop Adani.”

Back to Europe, Paris may be having some political unrest but there’s also peaceful climate marching happening. The “March for Climate” was a more diverse crowd, with far more women and older people and a handful of children.

The “yellow vest” protests are overwhelmingly male, with just a few women for the hundreds of men pouring through the streets.

A handful of people in yellow vests had joined the quiet march by mid-afternoon. One sign read “No climate justice without fiscal and social justice.”

How are you spending your Saturday? If not marching, perhaps there are things to be done to make a change in your own life.

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