The 25 Days Of Honda Days: Day X, 2000 Honda Civic

On the tenth day of Honda Days, Honda gave to me: a 2000 Honda Civic.

The Vehicle: Okay, so: this is basically the same car that was posted ten days ago. The difference? This is a two door version. Aren’t cars crazy????

Tie-Dyed J.Crew Cowl Neck Sweater (That I Bought When Very Depressed In 2009) // Tie-Dyed Ralph Lauren Polo Shirt // Tie-Dyed J.Crew 5″ Stanton Short // Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Low Top In White

Environmental Impact: To quote myself, what this car produces in waste “is equivalent to 104 to 123 pounds of coal burned” and “would burn just shy of 6,000 pounds of coal a year.” Fabulous! Wait: sike. No, that’s bad.

How Happy Does This Honda Make Me? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Also, these photos were taken after having just woke up so excuse my hair.

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