The 25 Days Of Honda Days: Day XI, 2009 Honda CR-V

On the eleventh day of Honda Days, Honda gave to me: a 2009 Honda CR-V.

In 2009, I was less than a year old in Los Angeles.
I had a job at a reality television production company.
I walked everywhere.

“You need to get a car,” my boss kept telling me. “You won’t make it here without one.”
Believing this to be fact, a young mind eager for advice, I got a car.
It was a terrible money pit of a car.
I hated it.

And did I need it? I did not.
It was an unmitigated waste.
You only think you need a car because other people tell you that you need a car.
That’s the moral.

I found this 2009 CR-V while en route to a lunch.
The lunch was Downtown. I live in Mid-City.
It was a forty minute ride, nearly eight miles sucked up by bike tires.

You could bike places too. I carried these clothes in my bag and changed as to not have fancy clothes be’sweated.

• Editions MR polo.
• Color removed Topman jean jacket.
• J.Crew shorts.
• Addidas shoes.

I wear this outfit a lot. I hope you like it.

Remember, you don’t need a car.
It’s just peer pressure.
Some people might need a car, sure, but we have so many other options.
Consider them.

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