The 25 Days Of Honda Days: Day XII, 1978 Honda CB750

On the twelfth day of Honda Days, Honda gave to me: a 1978 Honda CB750.

The Vehicle: This is a beautiful motorcycle that I thought was cool but didn’t realize was pushing forty. This is the eldest Honda to be included in the series and is notable because it has been produced on and off from the late sixties through the late aughts. It is also referred to as the “Universal Japanese Motorcycle,” a means to describe the standard of classic Japanese motorcycles. The term originated from Cycle magazine in 1976, where it was described as such

In the hard world of commerce, achievers get imitated and the imitators get imitated. There is developing, after all, a kind of Universal Japanese Motorcycle…. conceived in sameness, executed with precision, and produced by the thousands.

Beautiful. In a sense, this is a highly coveted design item. Glad to include you, Honda CB750!

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Environmental Impact: The EPA in 1977 basically referred to this bike as very noisy, noting that this is mostly for combination street and outdoor sport usage. Noise and usage aside, it’s been noted that these bikes are fairly low pollution emissions which is nice. How fab is this? Great looking and not terrible.

How Happy Does This Honda Make Me? I love it. This is the leading best Honda. Happiest of Honda days, today.

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