The 25 Days Of Honda Days: Day XIV, 1992 Honda Helix

On the fourteenth day of Honda Days, Honda gave to me: a 1992 Honda Helix.

It’s Thursday.
Let’s throw it back to December 2016.
I was in Santa Barbara for a little New Year vacation.
We went to dinner. We walked to the car.
There it was. A Honda Helix.

The Helix is, as they say, a rare Honda.
It’s a scooter, a big one.
It looks like a snow mobile.
It is nearly thirty years old.

While I have my doubts about this hulking Honda mass, scooters are generally better for the environment.
Like reshaping your diet to eat less meat, reshaping your travel to be lighter helps.

Anyway, I reshaped some standard and old clothes with some new clothes for the occasion.

• Sandro sweater.
• Gosha Rubchinskiy shirt jacket.
• Ami shorts.
• Carhartt hat, Birkenstocks, and some socks.

This is a fancy outfit. It was New Years.

This Honda, again, is rare.
I think it is the only time I will encounter one of this kind.

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