The 25 Days Of Honda Days: Day XV, 2013 Honda Fit

On the fifteenth day of Honda Days, Honda gave to me: a 2013 Honda Fit.

Keeping fit is key to, you know, living. This is true for us and the planet who so desperately needs for us to help it go on a little detox since we’re forcing her to smoke gajillions of packs of cigarettes a day just by living on her.

Anyway, here’s an idea: what if gyms were powered by human power? So much energy is used there so might as well put it to work. That’s what one Sacramento gym is doing. Men’s Health has the story.

Inside a converted storage warehouse in Sacramento sits a unique fitness center called Sacramento Eco Fitness. It includes all the equipment you’d expect find a typical gym, including free weights, battle ropes, sleds, medicine balls, and more. Upstairs, you’ll find what appears to be a regular cycling studio — but upon closer inspection, these bikes come with an added bonus: a kinetic converter to turn their movement into electricity.

The gym, which runs on clients’ energy output from those convertors, calls itself “the first human powered fitness facility in California.”

How rad! I love this.

It gets better though: apparently there was a survey done that said athletes actually want to use their working out for power. From the same article.

According to a 2016 survey by SportsArt, 62.4 percent of consumers prefer to work out at a gym if it uses environmentally-friendly equipment and more than 63 percent of consumers claimed they would be more motivated to push themselves during workouts if they knew their energy was converted into electricity.

Clearly, we are our own untapped potential.

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