The 25 Days Of Honda Days: Day XVI, 2008 Honda Civic i-VTEC

On the sixteenth day of Honda Days, Honda gave to me: a 2008 Honda Civic i-VTEC.

Ah, yes: the elusive i-VTEC.
A sporty spinoff of the ubiquitous Civic.
It is, I imagine, an extra in the films The Fast & The Furious.

This i-VTEC in particular had blue lug nuts.
It also had a spoiler.
There was also a sunroof.
It was a more understated incarnation of “that type of car.”

I, like this Honda, was souped up in a way that I forget I can be.

• Giant Études hat that I adore and forget I own.
• A Patrick Ervell sweater that I also forget that I own.
• A vintage flannel that belonged to my grandfather (RIP), which I also forget I own.
• Blue suede boots by Barneys, which I sometimes forget I own.
• J.Crew Warehouse shorts and Uniqlo t-shirt, things I never forget about.

It’s funny being souped up.

Speaking of, I love soup.
It helps me be vegetarian without doing much work.
This is for you, soups.

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