The 25 Days Of Honda Days: Day XVIII, 2001 Honda Civic

On the eighteenth day of Honda Days, Honda gave to me: a 2001 Honda Civic.

This is what they call a “souped up” Civic.
The owner probably races it.
It’s probably one of those cars that moans like some sort of bird amping up a clicking call for attention.

Or, given it’s color, perhaps it’s the more populist equivalent of the cheddar Mercedes?
That’s something to consider.

This outfit is just as special as the car.
It’s a remixing of the very first incarnation of Honda Days.

• Velvet Ami hat.
• Uniqlo Crew Neck Shirt in navy.
• A.P.C. Tunisian Sweatshirt in red.
• S C O U T Dip-Dyed Light Flannel.
• Vintage Levi’s shorts.
• Nike SB Tie-Dye Skate Crew Sock with Birkenstocks.

I, more or less, copied and pasted that information from 2015.

Times change but, in many ways, Hondas do not.

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