The 25 Days Of Honda Days: Day XXI, 2005 Honda Pilot

On the twenty first day of Honda Days, Honda gave to me: a 2005 Honda Pilot.

You know what’s real bad for the planet? Flying. It’s so bad for us! We hear about cars being terrible all the time – but planes? We forget that these air machines are quite awful as well. Here’s a little op-ed from The Washington Post that puts plane travel into perspective.

By taking one optional international trip that helped emit about 16,800 pounds of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, my wife and I increased our 2016 carbon footprint by more than a third. The harm we did with one international trip surely neutralized any good that we did all year as recyclers, eco-consumers and financial contributors to environmental organizations.

To put our flights’ 16,800 pounds of carbon dioxide further into perspective, the average American generates about 1,300 pounds of carbon dioxide a year through beef consumption. Minute by minute, mile by mile, nothing that we do causes greater or more easily avoidable harm to the environment than flying, which more often than not is optional or merely recreational.


There are some things you can do although, really, flying is awful. As the New York Times suggests, you should fly a lot less and fly coach, supplement flights with offset buys and opt for biofuel based flights. These things can help but remember, remember, remember: planes – like cars – are bad. Let’s cut this shit out together.

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