The 25 Days Of Honda Days: Day XXII, 1985 Honda Accord

On the twenty second day of Honda Days, Honda gave to me: a 1985 Honda Accord.

An old Honda. A rare Honda.
This car is a beauty.
It’s so pretty to look at, so boxy and strange.
This is the type of ugly 1980s car that is making a comeback.
It’s ugly vintage cool.
It’s like those stupid Balenciaga Dad Sneakers.

Alas. These cars are bad!
Cool. But bad!
They are not greener. They’re worse!
This was a nice car to pose with. But bad for the planet!

Speaking of posing, everything about how I look is bad.
I thought this outfit was a good idea.
It was not.
Some math.
Sweater intended to hug the body
Long sleeved slouchy shirt
You Look Like Animals Are Fighting Under Your Shirt And Therefore You Look Bloated Lumpy And Gross Dot Com™


• American Apparel sweater I dyed.
• Grover henley.
• J.Crew shorts.
• Reebok socks with Nike shoes and Carhartt hat and Warby Parker sunglasses.

This is a lesson.
No old cars. No henleys with huggy sweaters.

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